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  • Watchface: Data Lover

    A watch face featuring:
    • a readable time font
    • sun events
    • active statistics (heart rate / steps / stairs)
    • YAHOO! weather & forecasts.
    • ....

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    Privacy Policy
    The Data Lover app does not track any personal information directly but is powered by 3rd party services that may collect your personal information such as your ip address when a data request is being made:
    • the YAHOO! weather service. When the weather is being requested your personal information might be stored, you can read the full details what can be traced and stored in the Yahoo Privacy Policy
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      Frequently asked questions

      Q1: There is no weather data downloaded / The location of the weather is not correct / ...
      Getting weather to your watch requires 3 things to be right:
      • You need to be connected with your phone via bluetooth (go to Garmin Connect Mobile and synchronize your watch to force an active connection)
      • Your phone needs to be connected with the internet (to be able to download weather info)
      • In the settings of the app set the default longitude/latitude to your home location (when possible the watchface will try to acquire the location of your last gps activity, but when it fails to do so it'll use the coordinates of the longitude/latitude you entered)
      Once the above 3 things are ok it may take up to 2 hours for the weather to be downloaded to your watch.

      Q2: Why is the weather shown for Brussels and not for my location?
      In the settings of the app set the default longitude/latitude to your home location (when possible the watchface will try to acquire the location of your last gps activity, but when failing to retrieve this it'll use the coordinates of the longitude/latitude you've entered)

      Q3: How often is the weather refreshed?
      A simple question with a not so straightforward answer as it's dependant on several factors:
      • the fastest weather refresh rate is normally 2 hours, after filling in a donation key the fastest refresh rate becomes 15 minutes.
      • the refresh happens at regular intervals and at the moment the refresh happens there needs to be an active bluetooth connection, an active internet connection and a stored gps location (see Q1)
      • the data of the weather comes from the YAHOO! weather service, if the service address returns an invalid response (or times out) then the cached data stored in the watch face remains to be shown
      • the data of the weather comes from the YAHOO! weather service, this service also caches data and is also dependant on eg weather stations to provide data to YAHOO! So It could be that there is no new data and that the data just remains the same....
      Q4: Can I verify whether the weather fetch was sucessful?
      Yes, you can set the right chart option to Weather + Time of last update. When the weather fetch is succesful it will show the time of the latest fetch in the foreground color (white by default), when the weather fetch returned an error it will show in red (See Q1 on how to resolve or for additional debug info set up a debug session, see instructions at the bottom of article on

      Q5: The weather, the active heart rate chart and/or the option to show seconds is not available on my device
      • fetching the weather requires the ability to connect to the internet which is not possible on Connect IQ 1 devices
      • always on seconds and the active heart rate chart feature depend on the always on technology to provide updates to the screen while in low power mode (this is only supported in fenix 5 derivatives and vivoactive 3 derivatives)
      Q6: The sunrise/sunset time is incorrect
      The sunrise time is calculated once a day and is dependent on getting a good gps fix
      • the gps location is only known for a very short period in watch faces (only shortly after doing a gps activity). To let the watchface acquire your location do the following: start a gps activity (eg run) and wait till you have acquired a good gps signal. stop the activity and go back to the watchface.
      Q7: Can I force an update of the sunrise/sunset times?
      You can force an update by changing the short date format or by changing the values for longitude/latitude

      Q8: I try to install the watch face but the Connect IQ store tells me I need a firmware update while I'm already at the latest version!
      Solution 1: Disconnect your watch from the usb cable, likely there's an update on your watch ready to be installed. Install this update and retry.
      Solution 2: Restore your watch to factory settings from within the System menu on your watch. (Be sure to upload your activities to Garmin Connect first as all user data will be wiped from the watch.)

      Q9: I can not remove the watch face
      To delete the Data Lover watch face you first have to make another face the active watch face.

      Q10: Setting <x> is not applied properly
      Sometimes when auto-updating a watch face the settings were updated to the new version but the program itself was not yet updated and was stuck on the previous version. To fix this remove the watch face (see Q9) and reinstall the watch face. (you will have to reapply your customization to the settings when removing and installing)

      Q11: I have another question!
      Login with your garmin username and password in the top right corner and post your question below by replying to this thread.
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        I love the watchface very match have 2 suggestions can you add wind direction in weather please ?
        Can you make a barometer chart as an aditional option to heart rate
        Thank you !
        I love yours jobs !


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          Thanks Pavel

          barometric pressure chart was already on the to do, I've added the wind direction suggestion on my to do.
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            Thank you. Best watch face ever!!.

            Would be nice to have secondary time zone



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              Great app. Love the amount of data it can show. It would be cool in the next update if you could add a second time zone choice wheee the sun rise and sunset position is. Plus the ability to change the colors of the time Thanks for the hard work.


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                Added the secondary time zone to my to do list due to popular demand
                It'll probably be a few weeks before I get to adding it though as this is not my only app
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                  My favourite watchface for FR645. Shows lots of information, but does not look too crowded like many other digital watchfaces, probably because only time and temperature are shown with bold fonts. Donation well deserved!

                  Some requests for further development:

                  1. Is it possible to implement scheduled color themes for foreground/background colors? For some reason I prefer the black font on white bg during daytime, but that looks way too bright when using the backlight in the middle of the night. So switching automagically to dark bg at sunset and back to white bg in the morning would be ideal...

                  2. This is nitpicking, but I think this watchface might be visually even more pleasing if the time was horizontally centered. It could then be moved to the upper part of the watchface just below the alarm/BT icons, leaving space in the middle for other details.

                  Thanks and keep up the good work!


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                    I have added the request for the day/night theme to the todo list.
                    Centering the time more is not possible because there's also information at the right of the time (eg weather info) that needs to be shown (the focus of this watch face is to present as much data as possible as I'm a data nut (while taking care to not have an overcrowded look)).
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                      This is a great app! Thank you for taking the time doing this. I love everything about this except the weather refresh rate. I filled in the donate key and it seems that the weather still not refresh every 15 mins. It stucks at 1 temp for several hour. My suggestion is can you can poll weather data from the weather app on garmin (the default app of the watch) instead of depending on yahoo?



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                        A good idea, but the weather on the Garmin app is not accessible from the Connect Iq api.
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                          To add support for connect iq 1 devices (which don't support fetching something from the internet) I've been thinking of something to replace the weather graph in the right chart with and I think I may have found it with the Move Circles (who said the move bar has to be a bar ). Hope you'll enjoy the new feature

                          Released v2.0:
                          - Added support for Connect IQ 1 devices: Fr230, Fr235, Fr630, Fenix3 (Hr), D2 Bravo (Titanium), Vivoactive, Fr920xt
                          - Added support for Fenix Chronos
                          - Connect IQ 2 devices: Changed default for right chart to Weather + Forecast today
                          - New option for right chart: Move Circle (Move Bar in circular format)
                          - Added configurable field (available only when right chart is not of the weather type)
                          - Fix moonphase icon
                          - Approach S60: fix crash
                          - Fenix5s: fix 12hr time to properly show the p indicator in the afternoon
                          - Semiround devices: fix hidden time indicator in the early evening
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                            Hy everybody,
                            i just donate to download the watchface but when i install, here is what’s happening...
                            any idea ?


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                              hi Tave, donations are not required to download the watchface. In fact donations are not required at all as the watchface should fully function without donation with small restrictions (see Q3 in the faq).

                              When you get an iq error it means the watchface has crashed.

                              Another user reported the same crash through email (or was it you?), in case it's not can you do the following:
                              1/ Which device do you have?
                              2/ Could you connect your watch to your computer with your usb cable and navigate with your explorer to your device and go to the \apps\logs folder there will be a file called ciq_log.txt in there which will hopefully show some more info with the reason the watchface has crashed
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