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  • App: StopWatch App

    Simple StopWatch App including laps and a lap list

    Store link:


    StopWatch not running:

    - Menu-/Select-key: start StopWatch

    - Back-key: reset StopWatch / return to title screen

    - hold Up-key: enter Lap list

    - Down-key: navigate to timer view

    StopWatch is running:

    - Menu-/Select-key: stop StopWatch

    - Back-key: add lap time

    - hold Up-key: enter Lap list

    Lap list:

    - Up-/Down-key: scroll lap list up/down

    - Select-key: toggle sort order (index, duration asc, duration desc)

    - Back-key: return to StopWatch

    Timer View:

    - Menu key: activate navigation through hours/minutes/seconds. Pressing Select-key moves to next value. Pressing Down/Up-key changes value

    - Select key starts/stops timer when no in selection mode

    - when timer stopped Back-key resets the timer

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    It's very good, but I noticed a issue with the light that does not turn off in the countdown mode when the time comes to an end. This occurs on a FR 235 with the latest firmware update. (7.70). I wish the developer could also include a beep at the beginning in countdown mode. And, That's all. Keep up the good work.


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      thanks for your feedback!

      I am not aware of any issue with the backlight. Also the app does not take any action here, so most likely this is more a firmware issue.

      I will add a beep when the countdown is started, according to the app settings.



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        the recent version of the app (1.9.3) now also adds support for sound in counter mode.



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          Hey. thank u very much u made this. u just simple save my training. Actually i do not understand how the hell Garmin has no this kind of stopwatch in the basic apps in the watch. Unbelievable.
          i am P.E. teacher and it's basic if u wanna measure a sample race between the kids and u need e.g. 10 different times. The garmin has it but without split time. I should add every laptime for the 1st. Unacceptable.
          Another thing: i can use it via swimming too measure my lengths. The swimming app its not punctual at all so its useless.
          But my first and biggest problem during the running. My previous watch was a Suunto. I think it was better. 2011 models. So I got an alarm every kms with that km's time. The garmin can do the same until u push a lapbutton and after measure another km from that point without km's time. i do not understand what is the point it this. But they miss the basic logical way of thinking they miss the split time. it was autolap and manual lap together. The garmin do not care a split time. What is this?
          Do u have any idea how can I use ur stopper with the running apps to show and measure the split time.
          thank u in advance and thanks to made this apps. Its nice to see somebody use his brain here.
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            Hi Belu,

            thank you for the positive feedback!

            "Do u have any idea how can I use ur stopper with the running apps to show and measure the split time"

            I don't think there is any way of direct interaction between apps. Also if a particular app isn't running it can not listen to input events. So starting your running app and measure split times with the stopwatch app isn't possible.

            Sorry for the bad news...