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  • FlowState Double checked, and this actually affects GCM only. Thanks for reminding me, should've remembered these are coded by by different teams.

    As for pace, I already thought about decimal minutes as a backup plan, so will probably have to to do that for now. Thanks for confirming this is the best (only) way to do.

    Again, thanks for the great support. I have to say running with two instances of AppBuilder5+ like this makes me feel kind of privileged. It makes the F5+ feel the most powerful watch currently available. You can basically invent your own data and record it on multiple instances. What is also great is that if I export run data to excel and run some formulas with the data, I know it will probably work in practice with AppBuilder too. So I think the "Excel for you Garmin" description you mentioned earlier is very close to truth here

    I only hope more people could benefit from it. But I guess even though it's quite basic math and the formulas are very close to formulas in Excel, it's still not exactly easy for everyone to take advantage of it. There is a bit of a learning curve with Excel too.


    • JTH9 thanks for checking that. Hopefully Garmin will fix that one day.

      The problem is very few ppl want Excel for anything let alone Excel for Garmin. It's a tool that ppl are forced to use, not something they want to use.

      Maybe I should rebrand as "Numbers for Garmin".

      But srsly, most runners I know don't even download apps. Maybe one or two download a stopwatch app so they can do intervals without looking at their pace.

      The other problem is once you make your apps slightly more complicated, AppBuilder crashes. >_>
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      • Hi FlowState

        probably your app can help me, showing on watch and saving to FIT some additional data, I can't find somewhere else. It sounds promising...

        Sometimes, I want to measure distances (without GPS) by walking with special step length.
        I've tested to set a "user setting" of personal step length in Garmin Connect, but unfortunately this user setting is only used to calculate the distance of the 24h-Steps. It's NOT used for calculating the distance within activities at all, neither for activities WITH GPS (that's clear), but also not for activities WITHOUT GPS (IMHO it's a bug, isn't it?).
        The shown distance in my activities without GPS is MUCH too short!

        I know, that ActivitySteps are recorded by default by Garmin - and are cumulated additionally to 24h-Steps.
        Unfortunately this ist not shown in Garmin Connect, but by using data field "Steps to FIT" it's possible to add a data field in an activity on fenix 5S and to show these "ActivitySteps" in GC.

        Can you please tell me, what's the data name for "ActivitySteps", to calculate (Show on watch + store to FIT file) the calculated personal distance
        [= "ActivitySteps" * "FixedValue"] ? (FixedValue is e.g. 0,75)
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        • Miaz, steps are currently not available in AppBuilder. I will evaluate adding this in the future.



          • FlowState : Thank you very much in advance. That would be very helpful.
            (You understood right, that I mean steps inside of a special activity? (e.g. my modified activity "MeasuringNoGPS". I don't mean the normal 24h steps.)
            I've been searching everywhere, but didn't find anything except AppBulder. Unfortunately, I'm no programmer to do the job myself...


            • Miaz, really? There's a lot of CIQ data fields show steps in an activity.

              Or do you mean you can't find any data fields that can do steps in an activity plus custom distance? Yeah, I haven't seen that.

              Also, even if AppBuilder could do that, and record distance, you can't override distance in Garmin Connect, so I'm not sure how useful it would be to you.


              • Update 5.18 (AppBuilder 5+)

                Reset lap/stats when timer is reset. (May not even effect any real devices, except maybe Edge, since most new devices already reset apps when you reset the timer.)


                • FlowState :

                  - Yes - I have solved the problem of not showing steps in an activity. "Steps to FIT" works perfectly - and it even saves these steps into Garmin Connect FIT file.

                  - Yes - I mean "steps in activity" PLUS "custom distance" - with mathematical operation [= "steps in activity" * "custom distance"] e.g.: 1000*0,75 showing "750"

                  - Yes - I don`t want AppBuilder to override "standard" distance in Garmin Connect.

                  It would be enough to have ANOTHER customer data field:
                  - on watch as "Connect-IQ-Datafield = AppBuilder" and showing [= "ActivitySteps" * "FixedValue"] - FixedValue is an Option in AppBuilder.
                  - in Garmin Connect an additionally shown Connect-IQ-Datafield = e.g. "calculated distance" or "CalDist" or something like that.

                  I'm no programmer, but I think with "Steps to FIT" it's absolutely similar - except I know, that Garmin is saving the Activity steps hidden somewhere (I don't know where - it's not visible in GC - I only see it after having imported into my YAZIO Android App)
                  - on watch there is a "Connect-IQ-Datafield = Steps to FIT" that I can choose in my modified activity - showing steps in activity
                  - in Garmin Connect there is an additional Connect-IQ-Datafield with data saved by "Steps to FIT". I can find it in Android inside activity on page 2 on Button: Section connectIQ, named "steps"


                  • Miaz Well, I can tell you that:
                    1) Yes, Garmin does save your steps to FIT and, no, GC doesn't show it (anymore)
                    2) These other steps apps save your steps to FIT independently of 1)
                    3) Other sites (e.g. Runalyze) calculate your steps from the data in a different way (e.g. time in minutes * cadence or whatever)

                    Okay, thanks for clarifying that. If you're on Fenix 5S, then it wouldn't be a problem to add "Steps" only for large memory devices such as Fenix 5S. I'll put it on the wishlist and post when it happens.


                    • Thanks.
                      (BTW: I have the older "fenix 5S" - NOT the new "fenix 5S Plus". I hope, this also is no problem, because the momory of "fenix 5S" is much-much-much smaller than in Plus-Version)


                      • Miaz hmmm okay I’ll have to see if I can fit in 935/Fenix 5/etc without blowing things up. The problem with this app is it’s very hard for me to know how much free memory is enough, because I don’t know what formulas ppl are using.

                        In the past I simply optimized the app so there was enough room to add a new feature. But I may not be able to do that anymore. Anyway, I’ll post back when I figure it out.


                        • Hi FlowState
                          I've just tried your app - only for testing with formula: "avg(cadence)/60*timer*0.70". It works good on watch - but of cause it was only a test. "timer" inside a formula would not be good for me... Activity steps would be necessary.

                          Result of the test:
                          Distance is visible on watch - Very good! (but of cause, I must not stop)
                          But unfortunately calculated distance (shown on watch) is not saved to FIT, though I have set the mark in settings.
                          In GC Android is shown: Appuilder and Value AppBuilder.
                          In GC Web is shown AppBuilder and Value 0.
                          Do you know why?

                          BTW - Only for information: The App "InWalk" doesn't count activity steps separately. It takes over activity steps from Garmin Firmware. So it should work without draining memory... But unfortunately this app doesn't save anything to fit, I can't add with "Steps to FIT"and it's not possible to do an mathematical operation for better distance. And the Garmin distance, however, always is much too short.
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                          • Miaz if you check the Record checkbox, by default AppBuilder only saves the result of the formula to the activity graph, not the summary. In most cases, it doesn't make sense to save the same data to both the graph and summary.

                            What you're seeing in the summary is the field label, which is only stored for your information.

                            In your case I assume you want the summary but not the activity graph, so you can use:

                            norecord() ; recordsummary(avg(cadence)/60*timer*0.70)

                            (The norecord() function disables the default behaviour of recording the formula result to the graph.)

                            Also, I know how to calculate steps using the Garmin SDK, and it does take memory, because you have to write the code to do so. FYI, the Garmin SDK only gives you steps since midnight, not activity steps like you want, so calculation is necessary.

                            Either way, there will be a memory hit associated with adding a new variable.

                            However, I think I should be able to squeeze it in. No promises tho.
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                            • Update 5.19
                              - Reduce memory usage slightly
                              - Merge most of the duplicate code between CIQ1 and CIQ2, to ease future maintenance

                              - Add activity steps. Variable name is steps
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                              • FlowState : Great! Many thanks. I will try it a.s.a.p.