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Vivoactive 3 apps and upgraded wanted while uptodate

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  • Vivoactive 3 apps and upgraded wanted while uptodate


    I just received my new vivoactive 3 and I am really in love with it.

    I would like to add new apps to it from the IQ market but I receive an error message saying, in French
    "Cette application a besoin dune mise à jour de votre {0}. Veuillez utiliser Garmin Express pour mettre à jour votre {0}."

    This app needs an update of your {0}. Please use Garmin Express in order to update your {0}"

    I updated the firmware via the android app and it still doesn't work.

    Could you help me ?

    Software version : 3.50
    GPS version : 4.40
    TSC version : 2.10
    WHR version : 20.03.24
    Connect IQ : 2.4.1


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    This is a problem with connect iq, not the watchface itself. This has helped for other users with this problem:

    "Deleting the watch from my phone and PC, Restarting the watch and pair it again already helped! I can use your watchface now."

    If this doesn't work, these are other possible solutions, good luck!

    One topic with some possible fixes:

    And this topic is also about that problem and has a possible fix in post #21:

    Could you try this?

    Tech Support suggested the following which worked for me:

    I would recommend following the below the steps to remove the XML file from your device.
    1. Plug the GPS device into the computer
    2. Open the Computer
    3. Open the Garmin drive
    4. Open the Garmin folder
    5. Delete the GarminDevice.XML file
    6. Eject the GPS device from the computer
    7. Power on the device
    1. Plug the GPS device into the computer
    2. Open the Garmin drive
    3. Open the Garmin folder
    4. Delete the GarminDevice.XML file
    5. Eject the GPS device from the computer.
    Once your device has successfully powered on it will automatically create new XML file. You can then reconnect your device to the PC.

    I would also recommend updating Garmin Express.

    To manually check for a Garmin Express update:
    1. Open Garmin Express
    2. Click the Gear icon in the upper right
    3. Click Check for updates to Express in the About section
    4. Click Install Now if prompted
    1. Open Garmin Express
    2. Click Garmin Express in the Apple menu bar
    3. Click About Garmin Express
    4. Click Check for Application Updates
    5. Click Install Now if prompted
    Once the installation is complete, Garmin Express will be up to date.
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      Syncing with Garmin Express or repairing your watch to the phone often corrects this. With a new watch, it was often first set up with the "factory" version of the firmware, and once it's set up, it gets sent a firmware update (the factory version could be quite old). But the app store doesn't know that new firmware was actually installed. The app store thinks you are running the old Firmware. You may want to power cycle the watch before you try these things.

      The GE sync/re-pair usually gets the app store in sync as far as the firmware version that's now running on the watch.
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        thnaks the unpair/repair solved the issue, thanks