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DataField idea or improvement for bike

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  • DataField idea or improvement for bike

    I liked the datafield "analog" from Stanislav.Bures, I got some ideas to improve it, but I don't get responses from him so probably somebody else here would like to take it.
    The idea is to have a minimum and maximum speed and cadence on the setup. Currently "Analog" only have max and only for speed. So with those we can have the analog speedmeter on top half and on the lower half the cadence. As a bicycle rider, there is only a range of speed and cadence that I usually look at, so it is waste of space to have those areas we don't use.
    Also, instead of having a big line coming from the center, just a small line near to the numbers can be enough in order to don't hide the numbers on the middle.
    Also I normally look at the HR zone I am working on, not a number. There are 6 standard used HR zones Gray, blue, green, Orange and Red. So the background color of the center can change according to the HR zone we are at that moment. probably a small hearth with the level number or the actual HR number can be added.
    This way we can have the most important data when cycling, and not have the problem of the small screen we have on the watch.
    On the photo I am showing the original from Stanislav on the left, and my proposal on the right. I just installed the eclipse, but for a beginner like me it will take probably a lot of time to get familiar with the language and implement it.

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    Sorry, but I have extra email for CIQ and I do not have capacity for checking it. There is more than thousand of emails.. Your idea is not so bad, I will look at it.


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          Thank you for your very quick reply! You made a very quick implementation of the idea... However I still think is a little clutter there. I have been playing with the "DIY Datafield designer" and It let me understand the capabilities and limitations on the design. I could not find the option of the dial needle you use on your analog, so I am suspecting that it is not a method available from the SDK API. So I tried overlapping the arc to give the impression of the needle dial, however after testing on my watch, noticed that the refresh rate is variable that some times it shows up, and some times don't. So I am currently using the arcs like the solution you just made.
          But this is how I imagined it. It still lacks the small circles with the average speed and max speed which is cool on your design, but the "DIY Datafield designer" does not allow me to have variation on position for circles coordenates.
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