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Assistance Re Getting Pitch and Roll data from Sensor

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  • Assistance Re Getting Pitch and Roll data from Sensor

    I am interested in getting Pitch and Roll data from the VivoactiveHR. I just want to get the angles as you tilt your device. From what I have seen that is pitch and roll data.

    I can get acceleration data .. but would like to get the pitch and roll data (in degrees). I assume that they would be from -180 to 180 degrees.
    Btw ... is Pitch on the x Axis and Roll on the yAxis ?

    This is what I have so far .. but think that it is wrong.

    var movement = Sensor.getInfo();

    if (movement has :accel && movement.accel != null && start == 1 and pause == 0 and bye == 0)
    accel = movement.accel;
    xAccel = accel[0];
    yAccel = accel[1];
    zAccel = accel[2];

    Roll = Math.atan2(yAccel,zAccel);
    Pitch = Math.atan2( xAccel, Math.sqrt( yAccel * yAccel + zAccel * zAccel));

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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