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CIQ App titles are cut off in the store (on desktop)

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  • CIQ App titles are cut off in the store (on desktop)

    When you browse with a full-screen desktop browser, the app titles are cut off after about 10 characters, almost to the point where it's very hard to distinguish similarly-named apps except from the icons and the dev name. Try searching for Heart rate...

    It's even worse if you have multiple similar or "cloned" apps from the same dev. I have four clones of the same app, and I can't even tell which one is which, on desktop.

    IMO, this makes it very hard to search for apps with common names.

    On mobile [tablet or phone] or on a desktop browser with a narrow window, the layout changes so you can read full titles, even very long ones.

    Maybe the tiles could be bigger? On the mobile layout, there's only 1 per row, and on the desktop layout, there's 6 per row, which theoretically shows you a lot of information, but almost everyapp title is cut off.

    e.g. If I search for "heart" in the app store, only 6 out of 30 apps have fully visible titles.

    If I search for "heart rate", that number goes down to 2.

    Edit: I had to edit this post a dozen times before it would be accepted by the forum....