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Normalized Power fomula by garmin

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  • Normalized Power fomula by garmin

    in edge 130 there is missing NP data field so i want to develop such field but i dont know what formula for normalized power is used by garmin.
    anybody knows?

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    I'm not a cyclist, but I think the formula is:

    Average(RollingAverage(Power, 30 seconds)) ^ 4) ^ 0.25

    Also, if you don't want to code that data field yourself, you can my use my data field app, AppBuilder, which displays the result of the math formula of your choice:

    Look for "normalized power" on the app page:


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      thanks a lot


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        No worries. BTW, since I made that post, I released AppBuilder 5 which has a simpler function for normalized power, on modern "CIQ2" devices such as Edge 130.

        Direct link to example, with a button to copy it to the clipboard:

        All the examples will be on that page, going forward.
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