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  • DataField onTap()

    Did any of you try to configure an InputDelegate with Data Field ?
    I am able to make it work using the simulator, but it does not work if I copy the .prg on my vivoactive3 music.

    To troubleshoot, I have added simple System.println() statement. I can see onTap() is never called on the watch, but is called using the Simulator...

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    I'd post this in the CIQ Bug Reports Forum. It's a bug in either the sim or on the watch.

    I seem to recall (but I can't find it anywhere) that onTap() only works with non-wearable devices with touch screens, like some of the Edge devices, and it didn't work on watches like the va-hr. It might instead be that with the va3/va3m having only a single physical button using a tap in a DF may be too easily confused with the double tap used for manual laps or something
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      It looks like this was originally intended to only work with the edge1000 and its siblings. Not that it won't change, but that appears to have been the intention.
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