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  • Forum Rules

    Thanks for joining us here on the Connect IQ forums! We have a few rules we're like everyone to adhere to while participating in conversations here:
    1. Rudeness, insulting others, personal attacks, threats or inflammatory posts are not tolerated
    2. Discussion or commission of illegal activities is prohibited
    3. No posting of lewd or inappropriate comments, language, or photos
    4. Advertising, spamming, solicitation, and commercial self-promotion are not allowed per Garmin's terms of use, which states:
    You agree that you will not submit any User Submission on any Garmin Site that is commercial, business-related or advertises or offers to sell any products, services or otherwise (whether or not for profit), or solicits others (including solicitations for contributions or donations).
    Developers are allowed to promote their Connect IQ apps in the Connect IQ Showcase sub-forum and may link to their app store listings in posts and in their signatures.

    In the event that a rule is broken, a moderator will get in touch with the poster and help resolve the situation.

    Additional Guidelines

    There are also a few guidelines to keep in mind when submitting posts. These guidelines may be enforced situationally, just to help keep the forums uncluttered and working smoothly:
    • Stay on topic; new topics should be discussed in a new thread
    • Avoid quoting entire posts—quote relevant post snippets only
    • Refrain from posting images larger than 800 x 600 pixels
    • Reposting to increase post counts is discouraged
    • Use of multiple forum accounts is discouraged
    We appreciate your consideration, and look forward to discussing Connect IQ development with you!

    - The Connect IQ Team
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