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Suggestion: simulator in Garmin Express or on web

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  • Suggestion: simulator in Garmin Express or on web

    I've seen some (very good) attempts from some developers to reproduce their app's UI on web pages (e.g. ,

    I considered doing it too, but I hate the idea of reinventing the wheel. And Garmin has already made the simulator for the SDK, which is the closest we can have to a real device.

    I think there could be a better and broader approach for that. My idea would be a "lite" version of the simulator that everyone could use ("lite" because it shouldn't provide too much detail such as memory used, object store, etc. And the controls should be more intuitive for non-programmers...). Any user could load an app, edit the settings, simulate a fit file, etc. Maybe this could even be integrated to Garmin Express and/or run the apps on the store directly.

    Imagine how much value it would have for users and developers! Everyone could test the apps without installing them on his/her device. For instance, we wouldn't have to go for a run to test a running app, and we could test many running apps before choosing the one we want. Moreover, with more people testing, we developers would be able to improve our apps' quality.

    Is it a good idea or am I completely out of my mind?
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    We actually have something along these lines called Face It, though it's probably not quite as full featured as you have in mind since its focus is watch faces (and it's not really a simulator as much as an app design tool). So your idea isn't nearly as crazy as you think. I don't know what's on the horizon for Face It, but I know that we'd like to do more with this concept.


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      Thanks for your answer, Brandon.

      If I get it right, the simulator in the SDK is a separate application which can be started without the eclipse plugin. I wonder if it would be possible to modify it in the ways I mentioned in my post (i.e., (1) allow an app to be "side-loaded", (2) hide technical details such as memory usage and object store and (3) integrate the app settings editor) and make it available as a separate product.

      I know this kind of idea involves many "bureaucratic decisions" for you guys, but technically speaking it feels quite easy for me.