Watchface: Data Lover

A watch face featuring:
  • a readable time font
  • sun events
  • active statistics (heart rate / steps / stairs)
  • YAHOO! weather & forecasts.
  • ....

  • times for sunset/sunrise are updated once a day, the procedure to set the correct location you also need to get a good gps fix towards the watch face:
    • the gps location is only known for a very short period in watch faces (only shortly after doing a gps activity). To let the watchface acquire your location do the following: start a gps activity (eg run) and wait till you have acquired a good gps signal. stop the activity and go back to the watchface.
    You should be able to force a recalculation of the sunrise by uninstalling/reinstalling the watch face just after getting a proper gps fix.

    I'll add both items as entries to the faq.

    The line graph color is for the current active heart rate chart (which is not available on connect iq 1 devices) and the future planned historic heart rate chart, so at the moment changing that option won't make a difference on your device.

    Do you see any way to further improve battery usage? I love your watchface, but it takes an additional 5% per day, compared to other watchfaces. Off course, this is likely due to updating that often. Could you make the graph optionally?

    to reduce battery consumption use items that are not updating while in low power mode:
    - no seconds
    - no heart rate
    - use the steps history chart instead of the active heart rate chart

    Computations and data are already being cached, but it's planned to further review the code to implement possible optimizations (but I also still want to add features and I also have a few other apps to maintain, so it's not so much of a matter of if I'll do it, but more of a matter of when I'll do it ;) )
  • I ran a half marathon last Friday so the watch should have GPS data. After installing the watchface yesterday I switched off the watch at midnight (because of that battery problem) for a short time. Then I went to the window for a GPS fix because of correct time although it seemed to be correct. After lunch I went outside the house and started pre start mode again (that screen where you can choose activity or menu) until GPS was found. GPS full signal, phone connected. Sun event times haven't changed yet. The only thing I saw was the next donation message... Do I have to do a whole run to have "long enough" GPS? Not only that half minute at pre start mode?

    About battery usage: I have a FR 235 so I don't have seconds, heart rate (although it's built in) and heart rate chart (steps history is what I want).
  • you don't need to do an activity, getting a "green" good gps signal fix should be sufficient.
    See Q5&Q6 in the updated faq:
  • I'll wait if there will be a change at the sun event times. As I mentioned I had a green GPS a few hours ago.
  • Now I reinstalled the watchface. Sun event is updated But I don't think that it is a solution to reinstall it every day...
  • that's not necessary normally
    the last gps location is cached in the watch face, so if you stay in the same location the timings should be correct from now on...

    the shutdown you do at night shouldn't clear the cache normally i think...
  • I will see if the times will change tomorrow.
  • My sunrise/sunset times are accurate and based on my current location. However, the bar at the top is not reflecting the times (see photo) and is missing the sunset time altogether. Any ideas?
  • yeah the fenix doesn't like the yellow I assign to it apparently, in the next version the color for the day will be customizable.
  • When do you think you’ll have an updated version for the Fenix 5X? I am experiencing the same color issue with my watch not showing a color for the daytime.