HMs DIY #1

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* new value: pacer current ahead time.
Renamed pacer ahead time to pacer target ahead time.
* max value for displayed pace is now 9:59 for min/km and 19:59 for min/mi
* Pacer ahead time writing to fit file is now optional.
If enabled, both pacer ahead times writing takes about 800 bytes of space after timer start. By default it is disabled.
* new values: current lap, last lap avg power, current lap, last lap avg heartrate (high mem devices only!)

* new values: current lap, last lap avg power, current lap, last lap avg heartrate (high mem devices only!)
* total distance is now stored as integer not float.
* refreshing of the graphics area reworked
I tried to minimize flickering, so graphics are only updated in the region they are changing. Text changes will still trigger complete redraw.
There is still little flickering left, and I know its not the perfect solution, but it should be better as before I hope.
Because I changed a little more code, please let me know if there is anything wrong when changing elements or just the preview is not updated
correctly anymore.
* New element: -seperator-
This is a dummy element and will not be exported. It can be used to group the elements so they are easier to find in the element list.
It is just displayed in the element list, text can be changed of course.

There are no functional changes, so you can use the previous version of the designer if something is completely wrong, which I hope isn't.
* new value: Odometer
Value is stored in the settings in meters! The displayed value is km or mi. Value will be written to the settings when
the activity is stopped.
* new graphic element: arc dyn. filled
It is the same like the rectangle dyn. filled but as arc of course. The end angle will be
reduced by current value of the element. I added a example in the -> 935/dynamic_arc_test.xml
The first two arcs in the example are drawn in opposite directions!
* added support for imperial units.
* some more memory optimizations
* new graphic element: arc
Start angle is the 3 o'clock position. Direction is clockwise
* new value: free memory
Because I cannot predict how much free memory there is, I added the field
to show a roughly estimate how much memory is free during testing of your layout.
There should be at least 200 bytes free after starting the timer.
Be aware that using the pacer will use about 800 bytes more after starting the timer!!
How to use: Just place the textfield anywhere visible on your layout, copy the layout to your device, open the datafield and start the timer.
If there is at least 300 bytes left after some minutes, your are on the save side. You can then remove the text field from your layout of course.
2.1.9 (datafield only)

* fixed bug causing a crash when timer was reset
* fixed crash caused of division by zero

* fixed bug for edge explore

for full releasenotes see: releasenotes.txt

Pacer: There are new settings for the pacer available on all devices except the CIQ1 (16kb) ones.
Available fields:
* Pacer calc average speed: This field is mandatory when using pacer because all pacer calculations are based on this field.
It just needs to be in the layout, it can be hidden in the background.
The "nr of values" must be set to a value multiple of 30. This value defines in which timerange the
current average speed is calculated and the ahead/behind time and predicted time are base on the already
reached distance and this average speed. In my example file it is set to 300 (5mins).
* Pacer curr ahead time: Shows the ahead/behind current time based on the settings.
* Pacer target ahead time: Shows the ahead/behind target time based on the settings.
* Pacer predicted time: Shows the finish time based on already elapsed distance and average speed over last XX seconds/minutes.
* Pacer predicted pace: Calculated finish pace based on above values
* Pacer total average pace: Current total average based including corrected distance(see below)
* Pacer corrected distance: Shows the current elapsed distance including the offset value (lap button press, see below)
* Pacer offset indicator: This graphic element (in my example a little yellow circle) is only shown when a distance offset value is set by lap button press (see below).

* Pacer distance: distance in km:
-> '21.1' (for a half marathon)
* Pacer target time/pace: the target time or target pace:
target time -> 'T2:05:05' (for 2h 05mins 05sec target time)
or target pace -> 'P5:30' (for a target pace of 5:30 min/km)
Distance correction: It is possible to press the lap button at a km marker during a race. The distance is then rounded to the nearast kilometer
and "Pacer total average pace" and "Pacer corrected distance" are corrected. (5.1km corrects to 5.0km; 3.84km corrects to 4.0km)
When correction is active it is indicated by the "Pacer offset indicator" (little yellow circle)
When lap button is pressed within 30 seconds again, the offset is reset.
Ahead time and predicted pace are written into the fit file.
An example layout can be found in the -> FR935/example_FR935_pacer.xml