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Due to changes in my private life (since October 2019), I have stopped all updates and correspondence for all of my Garmin CIQ apps.

I did however renew the Worldtides subscriptions continuously in order for the TidalFace and TidalFlow apps to continue working.

Unfortunately, since the start of the pandemic, crowdfunding through donations have dried up and therefor I am not able to continue renewing the subscriptions.

I will however continue renewing the Worldtides subscription for as long as enough funds are raised through crowdfunding (paypal donations), but I am completely stopping all support and correspondence with immediate effect. There will be no further replies to support emails or app reviews.

It's been an unforgettable journey and I thank all my supporters, especially those that have donated over the past few years to make it possible to offer this service.

Official Support and Feedback thread for TidalFlow (widget)


IMPORTANT - iOS users:

A bug introduced in version 4.22 of the iOS Connect app prevents app settings from being applied.

Garmin has released a hotfix for the iOS Connect app version 4.22.2.

Please update your Connect app through the iOS app store.

More can be read about the bug here

and the hotfix here

  • Fair Usage Policy

    TidalFlow is a community funded project and relies on donations in order to provide a relatively free service to everyone.
    Without your contributions it won't be possible to sustain TidalFlow, so any contributions will be highly appreciated: PayPal

    In order to prevent abuse and keep operational costs low, I had put a fair usage policy in place that works as follows:

    You are allowed to make a total of 3 changes per day to the following 3 settings:

     - GPS coordinates
     - Datum and
     - Station distance

    Always make as many changes in one go to limit the number of requests. For example, if you would like to change the coordinates AND the Datum, then change them both at the same time before applying or saving the changes. One save will count towards one request and therefor counts 1 towards your daily quota. When saving the coordinates and datum and station distance changes separately, each will count 1 and you will reach your quota much quicker. Avoid unnecessary requests by carefully combining all the changes into one save.

    If you need to test the datum and coordinates first before saving them to TidalFlow, or you would like to confirm the data that will be delivered based on these settings, I would recommend you first test them using the WorldTides website. Testing within TidalFlow will unnecessarily exhaust your daily quota, after which you will only be able to refresh data the following day.
    Once you're happy that the data you receive for your location and the chosen datum, you can configure them all at once in TidalFlow settings.
    Once saved, a single request is executed and counts 1 towards your daily quota of 3.

    Once you've hit your quota, TidalFlow will display a brief notification saying that you've exceeded the daily quota, and a red exclamation mark will indicate that the data currently being displayed is out of sync with regards to the latest changes. 
    TidalFlow will only be able to refresh data again at 00:00 am the following day (local time).

    I reserve the right to reduce the quota at any time I see fit. Please respect this and help prevent me from having to apply stricter quotas.

  • Privacy Policy

    TidalFlow collects the following non-identifiable information in Google Analytics:

    • Unique identifier: Id generated by CIQ inside the app and is used to track the number of requests sent from TidalFlow to help detect and prevent any abuse of this free service.
    • Device name: For statistical purposes. Helps to identify popularity among different devices.
    • Language: For statistical purposes and to determine the feasibility of creating translations for this app in the future.
    • Mobile OS: For statistical and troubleshooting purposes.
    • Firmware version: For troubleshooting purposes.
    • TidalFlow version: For troubleshooting purposes.
    • Monkey (CIQ) version: For troubleshooting purposes and feature feasibility studies.
    • Country and City: Google Analytics derive this information from an anonymised version of your ip address. It does not store any ip addresses.

    Collection of the above-mentioned information is for my eyes and use only.
    The main purpose is to enable continuous improvements and maintenance of TidalFlow to provide a free and fair service to all.

    GPS coordinates passed to the worldtides.info service to fetch data, are in NO way tracked or stored by me.
    Google Analytics prohibits tracking data of this nature, and I fully comply with their rules.

    I am not affiliated to the worldtides.info service, and therefor I am not liable and responsible for any potential tracking, storage or usage of data by the worldtides.info service.
    You should consult worldtides.info 's privacy policy too.

  • Changelog


    • Small bug fix for backend optimization


    • Added setting to override the system unit used for the tidal height


    • Added support for more devices:
      • Fenix 5S and Chronos (218x218)
      • Vivoactive 4S and Captain Marvel (218x218)
      • Vivoactive 4 and First Avenger (260x260)

    2.1.0 - 2.2.0:

    • Optimizations to prevent out-of-memory issues on some fenix 6 devices.
    • Fixed blank glance issue for the fenix 6X. (Thanks to  for help with this one!)


    • Support for Fenix 6 series with a super cool glance.
    • Support for Venu


    • Fixed small bugs that may have caused random crashes.


    • Added support for the vivoactive 3 series (Music, Mercedes-Benz and LTE)


    • Fixed a bug that prevented an automatic refresh of tides the next day.


    • Initial launch!
  • Troubleshooting:

    IMPORTANT - iOS users:

    A bug introduced in version 4.22 of the iOS Connect app prevents app settings from being applied.

    Please use the Connect IQ Store app as an alternative to managing and configuring apps for your device.

    More can be read about this bug here

  • Glance support for the F6 series added in v2.x.0

    (Thanks to for help locating a bug on the f6x)

  • Hi mate,  great widget, I tried to create my own tides widget last year but gave up as finding a reliable source for the data seemed impossible but you seem to have cracked it!

    Couple if issues I've come across,  it won't let me input latitude and longitude from the connect iq app (android) as soon as I put the  decimal point it complains that only numbers are allowed and won't allow me to save it (works fine setting it from the watch though). 

    Also it returns the tides in feet (should be metres) and I can't see an option to change the units anywhere?


  • There apparently is a bug with Connect android regarding decimal numbers.

    Please try the Connect IQ Store app and see if that works for you.

    Which device do you use? If you set the units in the system settings of your device, it should reflect in TidalFlow.

    I checked and it appears to be the height’s unit that needs to be changed from centimeters to feet.

  • Ah seems to be the other way round,  entering the settings works in the connect app but not in the connect store app. 

    Also I can't see a setting for the heights unit only GPS, lat/long, datum, and station distance?

  • Sorry, you were right, I accidentally swapped the app names in my reply.

    I was referring to system settings, not app settings. In your watch, go to system settings and look for Units setting and then change all units there from feet to centimeters. I see I also swapped that in my previous reply!