DF App works only one time when deployed on my Fenix

Hi everyone,

I thought i had finished my DF app, because everthing was working well on the simulator thus i submitted my app on Garmin Connect (as a Beta version). But when i start the app Running on my watch and add my DF i only see it one time. If i go back to the menu of activities or to my watchface, and launch again the app Running, there is a white screen with the IQ logo and an exclamation point rather than my DF.

I don't know where to look to find the problem, because it works on Eclipse simulator.

I thought maybe it was a problem with the onStart() function but i changed nothing in the file xxxApp.mc. (By the way i didn't quite understood the goal of this file because the functions written in it are empty for the most of them. And i know that this remark is probably totally stupide ^^).

PS: i have some settings for my DF which i call at the beginning of the xxxView.mc file using this code :

	var distance = Application.getApp().getProperty("distance");
	var duree = Application.getApp().getProperty("duree");
	var bool = Application.getApp().getProperty("StrategieAllure");
    var k = Application.getApp().getProperty("CoeffStrat")/100.0;

just where i declare my variables.