(new) Eclipse installer - which options to choose

With the new installer from Eclipse, there is multitude of options provided as to what to install. (I'm lost)

I have an existing eclipse neon which is eating up a lot of CPU time each time I save (not entirely sure if this will be mitigated w/ the new eclipse version hence...)

The list of available options:

  • Eclipse IDE For Java Developers
  • Eclipse IDE For Enterprise Java Developers
  • Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers
  • Eclipse IDE for Javascript developers
  • Eclipse IDE for PHP
  • Eclipse IDE for Eclipse Committers (this should be a NO)
  • Eclipse DSL Tools
  • Eclipse Modelling tools
  • Eclipse for RCP and RAP Developer
  • Eclipse IDE for Testers
  • Eclipse IDE for Scientific computing
  • Eclipse IDE forScout Developers
  • Eclipse IDE for Rust Developers

So Many options. 

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