GC iOS: App Settings page closes automatically (discarding changes)

Garmin Connect (iOS)
iOS 12.1.4 - iPhone 6S
FR935 12.20

Description of Problem
The Garmin Connect iOS CIQ app settings page closes automatically, silently discarding changes, if a bluetooth sync happens while the page is open. This can happen automatically (scheduled sync which occurs every few minutes or so), or manually (user triggers sync deliberately). The problem is that from the user's POV, the bluetooth sync is unpredictable (if you're not paying attention), and it could happen within a few seconds of opening the app settings.

The workaround here seems to be to deliberately trigger a sync *before* opening app settings, to give yourself a window of a few minutes to edit settings before they'll close automatically.

Recreation Procedure
1) Install any GC app that has GC settings. e.g. Training Notes: https://apps.garmin.com/en-US/apps/e...9-fe49891d7e76
2) Open GC iOS and navigate to Training Notes app settings
3) Make some changes (e.g. type some text for "Line 1") but don't save them and don't close the settings page
4) Wait up to a few minutes for the automatic sync to happen (or alternatively, manually trigger a sync from the watch). The settings page will close automatically, returning you to the app page
5) Go back to the settings page. Your changes will be lost

Sorry for the duplicate report, but this has been a bug for at least 1 1/2 years (or more), and it's bad enough that many users recommend not using GC at all to edit settings -- instead, they opt to use Garmin Express (which many ppl hate to use, for other obvious reasons). It's incredibly frustrating to edit multiple settings, only to lose all your changes. I know all about this problem and it still bothers me when it happens.