Connect IQ Developer Awards - Vote for Best Audio App

The Connect IQ awards highlight the best apps of the year. Nominees are selected by considering a variety of factors, including their popularity among users, their uniqueness and more. This year, we are letting our developers vote on their favorites.

The Best Audio App category highlights the best Connect IQ audio app created in 2020. Here are the nominees:

SubMusic by memem

Songlate by janousek

Podcasts by LucaSax

Synchronize playlists from your own music server. Available options include Nextcloud, Subsonic, Ampache and Airsonic.

Songlate makes it easy to manage and sync music between online storage methods (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Google Play Music or YouTube Music) and your smartwatch.

Download your favorite episodes, keep up to date with the most recent ones, organize your queue easily and resume listening from where you left off.


Honorable Mentions

Voting will close on July 1st.