Why is a wonderful free and open source tool to convert .fit to csv files banned from the Garmin Forum?

I tried it many times to bring it in the Garmin Forum, and I always failed, and I do not understand why so? So I discussed it in the DC Rainmaker blog, where the discussion is at the wrong place:


The discussion should take place here in the Garmin Forum.

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  • Im not a spammer. My posts where arbitrary deleted from the Garmin Forum. I send an e mail to the customer servie to bring them back.

    The  post is about a free and open source python script to convert fit to csv files. The data quality of the converted files is very high and above the official this is ant fit to csv converter. But the python script is unterestimated, and too little known. The data structure is very clear.

    When someone judges my positive feetback about a little known and underestimated python script as spam, he should review the post in depth.

    I moved my posting the the THIS IS ANT Forum, where it can be found.