Why is a wonderful free and open source tool to convert .fit to csv files banned from the Garmin Forum?

I tried it many times to bring it in the Garmin Forum, and I always failed, and I do not understand why so? So I discussed it in the DC Rainmaker blog, where the discussion is at the wrong place:


The discussion should take place here in the Garmin Forum.

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  • Dave Does Demos (Dave Lusty who works for Microsoft UK) is allowed to sell his EventHubApp connect IQ in the Garmin Forum, looking for followers. But for me, Meditator from Switzerland who is looking for followers to develop further a free and open source fit to csv python script,which is underestimated, is not allowed to post a link to this scrypt (other posters did this already in the forum, without the link being deleted. Where is justice?

  • I had to move with it to the THIS IS ANT FORUM, where it lacks of followers. This script should be discussed here. Why this

    arbitrary deletion?
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