Problem with Cumulative Updates (starting on version KB4503293)


Since a couple of weeks, I have had troubles updating Windows. Everytime , I try to update it manually (or Windows does it on its own), it downloads the whole update file, starts installing it, and asks me to restart my device. When I restart my Windows laptop, there is always a message 'Windows cannot complete updates...;' system reboots and updates are not installed.

Problems started with June 11, 2019—KB4503293 (OS Build 18362.175), were followed by July 9, 2019—KB4507453 (OS Build 18362.239) and July 26, 2019—KB4505903 (OS Build 18362.267).also struggle with August 13, 2019—KB4512508 (OS Build 18362.295)

Any suggestions?