View Full Version : Getting an autorouted route into a usable course file

06-16-2010, 10:19 PM
An autorouted route from Mapsource or nRoute which is converted to a .gpx and then run through something like gpx2crs will often end up as a straight line between the endpoints. To get the whole course onto your device do the following:
In Mapsource:

remove other routes in list
save as .gpx.I
In routeconverter.de (http://www.routeconverter.de/):

File - the .gpx
Position List: expand and delete the non-track positions with the X leaving xxx (Track) selected
Type: should be Track
Save As: GPS Exchange Format 1.1 (*.gpx)
Check: Save only this position list:
Click on floppy to save
In gpx2crs (http://www.niniu.com/Garmin/Gpx2Crs.zip):

Tab - Convert GPX to Course
GPX File: the .gpx file
Check: Simulate an average speed of x mph, your choice
Click Convert
Save file as .crs
In Training Center:

Tab - Courses
Select the .crs file from previous step
If multiple courses appear, delete the one(s) that don't look right
Send to Device
No guarantees, but it worked for me on a 310XT