View Full Version : Spinning with FR 405/410??

02-07-2012, 08:35 AM
Hi 2gether

(sorry for my english - I'm really not used to write nor talk in english)

I'm looking for a solution to get my FR405/410 working with my Tomahawk E-Series spinning cycle ... The delivered computer (by Tomahawk) is not compatible with ANT+ :(

I will try to get speed and cadence on to my FR, ...

The spinning wheel is connected 1:1 with the pedals, so I think it should be possible to attach the GSC-10 to the front end, and the sensors directly on the spinning wheel (both of them to get speed[distance] and cadence).

Correction: The transmission is not 1:1 but about 1:3, I now try to attach the sensors of GSC-10 next to the handle and to adjust the speed sensor accordingly.

Does anyone have any other good ideas or solutions?

Thanks for your support :) greatings from CH

02-16-2012, 05:06 AM
Well, it works perfectly ...

stick the GSC10 to the belt box (horizontally - otherwise it will calculate a double cadence, for whatever reason)
a power magnet on the crank with a double-sided tape so that the part can not slip
pair the sensor with the FR
set the wheel size (Thomahawk E-Series approximately 6250 mm)

DONE (see pictures).

Would be great if Garmin would make a special indoorcycle sensor (cadence sensor and speed sensor of one piece with a receipt so that alignment of the sensor can be stuck on or below the belt box).