View Full Version : Distance Problems with SDM4

06-16-2011, 02:08 PM

i bought the SDM4 for running and experience strange problems with distance measurement.
Sometimes, when walking or running extremely slow (cadence around 58 and pace according to sdm4 between 9'20'' and 10' per kilometer) it gives me +7% too much - this would be acceptible for me.
However when i run a little faster (cadence around 70 and pace between 7'30'' and 9') it gives 20% too much distance.
I guess pace values are also off by this rate.

So since there is a large difference between +7% and +20% i do not bother calibrating.

I usually put the sensor in the sole of my nikeplus shoes but also tried it on the laces which made no difference.

Is this behaviour "normal" or is it just broken?

Thanks in advance for any help.