View Full Version : Germin Connect doesn't find any activities with 310XT

08-25-2009, 10:25 PM
Hi, total newbie here so sorry if this is my fault,
but I've already read a couple posts here about not being able
to sync data due to corrupt files. I wonder if I might be lucky
enough to have hit that problem on my first run with this 310XT?

I went for a run today - my first run with this 310XT (or any garmin for that matter)
I came home, eager to sync, and I got some strange results.
For a little while, anytime I clicked the "Upload New Activities" button from
within Garmin Connect, I got a strange popup message that said
that something was "NULL"...maybe a "NULL directory" or something
like that I can't remember.
I think the next thing I tried was to power off/on the 31XT and try again
and now it just keeps saying "No New Activities" and it's not popping
up such a scary message.
I can't upload new activities, I can't "upload activities from a list"
(since the list is empty), and I can't do the "manual upload" either
becuase it finds nothing.
But if I look on my 310XT, I can definitely see my run from today.

I tried logging a new activity (like a 10 second run) and still nothing.
Why can't Garmin Connect see anything?

Any advice is much appreciated!

08-25-2009, 10:54 PM
Ok, I think maybe the ANT software maybe crashed or something?

Kind of strange...I turned off the 310XT, and expected Garmin Connect
to recognize that the watch was gone, yet still it seemed to "detect" it,
but it was still empty. Then I went and put the 310XT in a "faraday cage"
(i.e. microwave) and still Garmin Connect was trying to pull data from
something. Finally I yanked out the USB dongle and still Garmin
Connect wasn't smart enough to realize that there was nothing that it
could possibly get data from.

Anyways, so it would be nice if Garmin Connect was a little bit smarter...
I ended up reinstalling the ANT software, rebooting my mac, and
starting over and it worked this time.

sorry for the spam :-)

08-26-2009, 06:58 AM
Glad you got it working.

Garmin Connect still "saw" your 310XT because the plug-in doesn't actually look at the device, but the device folders that are on your computer. The Ant Agent stores information it downloads from the 310 (and any other device AA communicates with) in a folder structure on your hard drive. The plug-in looks there, not at the actual device.