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  1. Some questions
  2. Swim Set Recommendations
  3. Garmin Connect Errors with Swim
  4. Instruction book is rubbish
  5. Potential Data Review Improvements
  6. Date incorrect (3 days out !)
  7. Firmware update
  8. Average Strokes / Length Includes Drills
  9. Inaccurate distance and stroke style
  10. ... problems with the watch
  11. Swim & Garmin Connect data weirdness
  12. extra laps 1 in 5!
  13. to Garmin Product Support Team
  14. Count downtime while swimming
  15. EXCELLENT JOB! - Garmin Swim designers!
  16. Difficulty with 910XT swim metric
  17. Sleep Mode versus Idle Power Difference
  18. Extra laps & Style detect problems SOLVED !!!
  19. Garmin wsim future update, communication with Ant+ sensors
  20. Lap Counting and Style Detection Problems
  21. problems with my watch
  22. Please, If the watch does not work, send email to Technical Support, we press!
  23. Feature request: Rest time when paused
  24. Workout plans
  25. Edit Data in Garmin Connect
  26. Look at this...
  27. Feature Request: Pausing/Sets when the drill log is activated
  28. In my last three sessions the watch worked well ...
  29. Ant Agent lost data after pairing, can anything be done about manual uploading?
  30. How to get best timing accuracy?
  31. Feature Request: Time Trial
  32. Internet connection
  33. addtional custom pool lengths needed
  34. Secret icons in Garmin Swim: Future functionality increase?
  35. don't change selected page when pausing workout
  36. Backlight Problem
  37. Garmin Swim accuracy in data collection
  38. butterfly strokes are not recognize
  39. So far so good!
  40. Software update available for the Garmin Swim
  41. Backstroke confused with breaststroke
  42. First time using the Swim...
  43. HELP: Garmin Swim does not detect Butterfly as advertised!
  44. Share workouts
  45. Calories - how accurate is it?
  46. MY Garmin Swim is accurate until I end my swim
  47. Possible solution for the obvious problems with style recognition
  48. Garmin Connect data presentation
  49. My results after firmware update
  50. Feedback and suggestions around Garmin connect and Swim to Garmin team
  51. More use, more of the same...still happy
  52. 33 and a third meter pools
  53. .FIT file example with simple SWIM workout
  54. Problem with Drill mode interval on Garmin Connect
  55. suggestion for garmin swim
  56. Personal Swimming Records on Dashboard
  57. Transferring swim data while not online
  58. pausing without starting new interval...
  59. Milliseconds
  60. Stopwatch Milliseconds and Laps
  61. Lengths and Strokes in TCX
  62. Off-line Data Viewing
  63. Garmin Connect Data Charts / cursor offset
  64. ANT USB key 'floats' inside its body?
  65. Incorrect Avg Pace Calculation
  66. Average lap and last lap issues
  67. Magnifying Lens for Garmin Swim...
  68. New firmware - breaststroke is not recognized?
  69. Garmin Connect data / Swim Graph interval times
  70. Garmin Swim too sensitive, counting far too many lengths
  71. Feature Request - Improve Garmin Connect Data Presentation
  72. Feature request: swim for preset time or preset number of lengths
  73. Battery life with pairing enabled vs. disabled?
  74. Is the watch Sauna safe?
  75. Just Ordered Garmin Swim - Usage question
  76. Feature request list
  77. First Swim First Impression
  78. Feature request: larger digits on custom screen
  79. Stroke Recognition
  80. Timing Logic Question
  81. Activities were not transferred and left on the watch
  82. Attention ag_swims - Garmin Connect Chart Problem!
  83. Another Garmin Connect Problem
  84. Garmin Swim adds a lenght in some intervals
  85. Garmin Swim Firmware 3.4 Released
  86. First swim with 3.40 firmware
  87. My Professional Review of the Garmin Swim
  88. Pool Lengths ?
  89. Found bug
  90. Garmin Connect does not see new activity on watch
  91. With 3.40 length count is perfect, duration not yet
  92. Display/Screen Issues
  93. Buttons becoming harder to press
  94. Issue with displaying weekly swim length data while on standby
  95. How do I switch off ? Urgent!
  96. garmin connect misreporting swolf score
  97. Reseting
  98. Question on stopping
  99. pace calculated against time/moving time
  100. How to handle a pool length of 16.67m (50/3)
  101. Observation: way too many button presses to enable/disable pairing
  102. Water/fog inside watch?
  103. After firmware update can I get back my 'history' form the garmin connect dashboard
  104. Workouts vs Sessions
  105. Garmin Swim 3.6 Update - What is new? Couldn't find any release notes...
  106. Strange symbols
  107. Battery Replacement - Pls read this first
  108. Firmware Update Problem
  109. Really poor swim recognition (as usual) but...
  110. Is it possible to roll back to firmware 3.4
  111. Why no easy way to clone Goals on the Garmin Connect web page?
  112. Intervals with one single button
  113. "Sorry, our site is temporarily down for maintenance. "
  114. New Garmin Swim + update to 3.6 firmware = no problems
  115. Firmware update needed to save my marriage...
  116. GS and open turns
  117. SPM info at Garmin Connect
  118. Garmin Swim 2
  119. Anyone Selling?
  120. 62s
  121. I have uploaded my activity, but it dosen't show the las one
  122. Someone happens with 3.6 version I had pool count wrong.
  123. What's a good pace or performance? Are there aggregate performance stats anywhere?
  124. Problem about the type of style
  125. Distance Alarms
  126. Configurable Pause Screen
  127. Disable Intervals Garmin Swim
  128. Why good technique matters to the Garmin Swim's detection of swim style
  129. 910xt Firmware fixes coming to Garmin Swim?
  130. Missing my swim intervals, stroke type, stroke counts, swolf, etc.
  131. Is my firmware up to date?
  132. Most defective product I've bought in a long while!
  133. No alerts, alarms and button tones after battery exchange
  134. Pausing Issue
  135. How do you get reports on swim records on Garmin Connect
  136. Please wait blinking....
  137. time error on session
  138. Firmware 3.6; still adding extra laps
  139. Swim Watch Not Allowed??
  140. Unreliable
  141. how to regain unsaved last session?
  142. First use
  143. Difference in displayed distance vs uploaded?
  144. Edit you Garmin Swim Data free online
  145. Firmware 3.6 Doesnt keep up lap count, adds laps at end of session
  146. How to record a training session?
  147. When new firmware
  148. New Garmin Swim - Missing Laps
  149. Firmware update and Back v. Breaststroke
  150. export to fit file
  151. Import session in Runtastic
  152. Recording laps in pool
  153. does 310XT measure distance in a pool? - or is the GPS to weak?
  154. garmin swim in sauna
  155. lap timing instead of stokes time
  156. Calorie Calculation - nonsense
  157. No Stroke & Efficiency in *.TCX file
  158. Incorrect avg strokes calculation
  159. Pool size
  160. Laps of zero distance and zero time being recorded on Garmin Swim
  161. When Does Timer start and stop?
  162. auto interval on watch
  163. Wrong timing sum for a swim interval
  164. A new Garmin watch to replace Garmin Swim this year??
  165. How is Effinciency calculated?
  166. Import tool for Garmin Swim TCX file to runtastic
  167. Battery life with 8 hours a day training
  168. Garmin Express -- Swim -> Connect linkage?
  169. what the heart and the bike simbol for?
  170. When pressing "compare activities", it does not show the laps and intervals times
  171. distance per swim style
  172. Is using different sized pools ok?
  173. Swim stuck on CONNECT TO COMPUTER
  174. Countdown timer to start?
  175. "Data transfer" loop with Garmin Express
  176. Note on firmware updates using Garmin Express
  177. Changed battery and lost the last 8 mths data on watch. Data still available on GC.
  178. Swim won't let me change pool size after battery replacement (it's set to 0)
  179. Activity Comparison Not Working Correctly After Recent Changes
  180. butterfly?
  181. swimming plan
  182. Activity date wrong
  183. Best SWOLF in intervals view
  184. Lap times don't sum up to interval time
  185. Time Alert
  186. Help!!
  187. Bad button?
  188. Garmin Swim keeps resetting and now won't allow pool size to be input correctly
  189. Intervals not displaying in GC2
  190. Garmin Swim not connecting to XP
  191. How to reload previous swims?
  192. Garmin Swim Manual Lap Counter
  193. New Swim, dodgy buttons
  194. Repalcement ANT Stick - How To
  195. Heart Rate error!
  196. Connecting Via Ant+ on phone.... possible?
  197. ant+ wont find my replacement garmin swim watch
  198. Is it OK to leave pairing on?
  199. Garmin Swim Self-reset
  200. Ant+ with Android phone via USB cable?
  201. Why does Garmin Swim still show up in Garmin Communicator plug in?
  202. Garmin Swim - Distance this week gone!
  203. wrong lenght display in summary?
  204. What is exactly Efficiency index in swimming?
  205. Tip for Average data measure: Average data should refer to stroke type
  206. Help with software updates
  207. Distinguishing Fly From Free
  208. Garmin Swim Worth it?
  209. Tempo Bleep
  210. Do you use your swim in open waters?
  211. Moving time on Custom Screen?
  212. New Garmin Swim froze during installation
  213. Garmin swim always out of battery
  214. Upload not showing in Garmin Connect but does in Strava
  215. Quick Question Re: Clock/Swim Timer?
  216. Is Anyone at Garmin Monitoring the Forum?
  217. Garmin Swim date problems
  218. "Session file error" message
  219. Swim activities on GC Calendar
  220. Swim Total Distance Inaccurate During Swims but Changes At The End of To Correct
  221. Issues with new Garmin Connect
  222. Compiled suggestions for v2 of Garmin Swim watch
  223. Getting the correct time to display on Garmin Connect?
  224. Questions regarding the Garmin swim
  225. garmin swim defective
  226. Pool size question
  227. "Week" field in "History" Menu empty in my Garmin Swim
  228. need screendump of Garmin Swim and latest GC update
  229. Avg Strokes at Garmin Connect / Efficiency missing
  230. Garmin swim is leaking a little
  231. Session dates shifted after installing new battery
  232. Help fix my Garmin Swim date/time data!
  233. Swim history in Auto Multisport during Triathlons
  234. Is there any word on integrating my Swim/Cycle data with Google Fit?
  235. Swimming pool length=0 after changing battery
  236. slow service garmin swim
  237. Garmins Swim accuracy
  238. How to restart Swim?
  239. loving the Garmin Swim
  240. Garmin 910xt - possible to configure for 18m pool?
  241. A perennial question?
  242. Problem with reported time on GC (elapsed/moving)
  243. Garmin Connect - Export to CSV
  244. Lap times between Swim and connect different?
  245. Info per length missing - Garmin Swim
  246. Length,distance,stroke,swolf not counting...Any suggestions???
  247. Clock doesn't always display seconds
  248. Single length sets often don't record
  249. How can I get data off watch onto iPhone without using a computer?
  250. Vivofit waterproof/water resistant