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  1. Swimming in Endless Pool with the 910XT
  2. lap swimming with 405
  3. inaccurate distance
  4. How to delete intervals in Garmin connect activity overview for swimming?
  5. incorrect lengths?
  6. What is the Garmin swim screen made of?
  7. Elevation gain during ocean swim?
  8. 910XT Swimming
  9. Feature Request: 910 - Create Swim Workout
  10. suggestion for fixing 910xt swim distance
  11. experiments with swim distance on 910xt
  12. Wrong swim style: backstroke instead of breaststroke
  13. Swim rest intervals included in overall workout average
  14. Issues Exporting Lap Swimming Files from Garmin Connect
  15. Swim Efficiency
  16. Feature Request: Download a workout then guide me through it
  17. Garmin Connect BUG: Can't do the math...
  18. Garmin Swim - Two Issues
  19. "Data Transfer"
  20. Would like to see an iOS iPad App for Garmin Swim.
  21. Wrong distance - needs edit option to combine lengths.
  22. Garmin Swim not recognising butterfly
  23. Can I HISTORY view strokes/length and/or SWOLF without uploading to GARMIN-CONNECT???
  24. No export file option in swim file on Garmin Connect!
  25. FR 310XT for indoor swimming
  26. Inaccurate swim distance -910xt
  27. Swim Intervals 100 Yards not displayed in Garmin Connect 910XT
  28. Garmin Training Center - Update to reflect swimming?
  29. wondering about swim alerts...
  30. Garmin 910 - SO disappointed
  31. Mapped Swim Course To Notify Swimmer Is Off Course
  32. Does Garmin Swim count laps? If so, I can't find it.
  33. Footpod / HRM for swimming
  34. New Garmin Swim Video : Connect Tips You Tube Video
  35. Garmin FAQ doesn't seem to be giving right info on creating a Garmin Connect course?
  36. Auto Multisport with pool swim
  37. Missing Data from Garmin Connect Dashboard Swim
  38. Wet Suit and Wearing Garmin
  39. Best guess on distance
  40. 910XT (with latest firmware) turns itself off using lap button
  41. Auto pause in rest timers
  42. Garmin 910XT - distance difference between bike and swim modes
  43. Pace for open water swim
  44. FR70 and swimming
  45. hotels with proper swiming pool
  46. pregunta
  47. Question
  48. No Swim Data with 910xt
  49. Garmin Swim - Disable intervals
  50. my new GS
  51. Couple of question (corrosion and gps functionnality)
  52. Garmin Forerunner 310 XT in water
  53. Can you edit swim data
  54. User Manual
  55. Does your Garmin capture kicking?
  56. Garmin Forerunner 310 XT in water? And now?
  57. New way to count laps in the new firmware 2.8 mess interval workout.
  58. Garmin Fenix Swim
  59. Help, Help.
  60. Is the 910XT designed for everyday swimmers (like me)?
  61. Lap count and Auto Lap in Swim Mode
  62. Swim stroke recognition using 910xt
  63. Connect iPhone App - Connect a Device - No Garmin Swim Device
  64. 910 only recorded swim distance
  65. 910XT - Distance Alert in the Pool?
  66. Asteria Lite is a clean responsive theme with a beautiful slider.....
  67. open water swimming experience with the forerunner 910xt
  68. Incorrect Distance
  69. How do I edit a session?
  70. Countdown timer
  71. Open Water Swim: Lost satellites during swim, can I edit the map?
  72. Garmin swim resetting itself
  73. Avg & Best Efficiency compared to SWOLF
  74. 910XT and fitband (no ant+)
  75. Garmin Swim
  76. Time error and recognition stroke type error occurs my Garmin swim watch
  77. new garmin swim
  78. 910xt not counting laps or strokes
  79. Garmin SWIM Device not showing up in device widget when switching to connect modernUI
  80. Garmin Swim Stroke Detection
  81. Please help me: difference between "Interval" and "Rest timer"
  82. Swim time alerts not reseting on interval
  83. Manually Entering a Lap Swim Session - PACE in Min/100 Yds
  84. Inaccuracy on swim session
  85. How to download full swim session information
  86. Fenix 2 - Lap swimming Lap Button
  87. new 910xt and HRM Best Indoor setup?
  88. manual entry of swim distance
  89. My Mac is not recognizing my Garmin Swim watch, any ideas why?
  90. 910XT and HRM in the pool
  91. Deleting data off ANT+ agent?
  92. New garmin connect - split not shown for swimming
  93. Fenix2 and Open Water Swim accuracy
  94. Gramin swim 3.6 can not define pool size
  95. Garmin swim bug: does not enter swim mode
  96. garmin swim activities not read by garmin connect
  97. Swimming recording?
  98. Garmin Swim Leaked & Ruined After Battery Replacement
  99. Garmin 910XT failure to change modes after Open Water Swim
  100. Bad accuracy on Garmin 910XT swimming in open water
  101. What I Want
  102. Fenix 2: swim not syncing
  103. Activity not sync with Connect
  104. Garmin 910/920XT Swim Alert – Hundredth of a second
  105. Km Scale malfunction
  106. Garmin Connect for the Swim Watch - FEEDBACK NEEDED
  107. Problem Syncing Garmin Swim to Garmin Connect - Ireland Winter Time Setting?
  108. Is Forerunner 620 Heart Rate Monitor water proof
  109. Garmin Swim. Syncing problem
  110. How to calibrate Fenix 2 for correct measurement of swimming ?
  111. Wrong distance (rounding) in Garmin Connect for indoor swimming in 25m pool
  112. Manually Setting the Pool Size
  113. Garmin Connect 2.7 Android App reports 2500 for swim activities
  114. How do I create a custom swim workout on garmin connect?
  115. Diving and Vivosmart.
  116. 920xt dropping laps!
  117. Can't figure this watch out... SOS
  118. 33.3 yard/metre pools on Garmin Forerunner 910
  119. Pace per lap on intervalls
  120. Average Pace
  121. 920XT swimming issues
  122. Is there a way to customize measurement units by activity profile?
  123. I can't pair my Swim with my Mac
  124. Triathlon Sprint Beginner - Swim Workout
  125. My Garmin swin stops without touching anything
  126. ANT malfunction and NO support
  127. Trouble with Pool size
  128. Connect Swim Graph Info
  129. garmin connect personal records no swimming
  130. 920 pool length not correct when view on Connect
  131. basic 910 swim functions
  132. record a bike ride
  133. Garmin 920XT: pool swim or open warter?
  134. 910xt open water swimming and stroke recognition/count
  135. How does the 920xt calculate laps?
  136. Fenix 3 swim mode?
  137. 920XT vs 910XT for open water swimming
  138. Swim Analytics not transferring to Connect
  139. vivoactive Custom Pool Length
  140. Swim pace alerts feature?
  141. GPS on Open Water Swims
  142. Mio Link and Garmin Swim Capable watches
  143. Vivoactive: Open Water Swim app?
  144. Vivoactive Swim Mode useless when actually swimming
  146. Swimming data
  147. 920Xt lap swim, manual laps?
  148. Vivoactive usage in lake
  149. Pool swim distance being doubled?!?
  150. Feature Request: Swimming Personal Achievements
  151. Waterproof?
  152. BEST 920xt IDEAS IN HISTORY!! (and some other random comments about my new Garmin)
  153. ** HRM Tri and HRM Swim announced **
  154. Problem Swimming with Epix
  155. Fenix 3 water proof without Light button?
  156. Garmin FR 310 no gps reception with breaststroke
  157. Garmin Swim Please wait .... flashing on battery replacement
  158. Open water yard to meter change garmin 920tx
  159. 920xt swim workouts
  160. How to clean Fenix 3 from salt water?
  161. Stroke Rate missing from TCX export
  162. HRM Tri - missing HR data for Open Water swim
  163. 910xt Open water accuracy after 3.20 firmware issue
  164. Garmin 920XT recording multiple "rests"
  165. Training Plan needed
  166. 10th Training Swimming
  167. Feature Request Garmin 920XT - Metronome for Swimming
  168. new to garmin - 910xt
  169. Modify Stored Data
  170. How does Forerunner 920xt work out the stroke per minute?
  171. Difference btw "Pool Swim" and "Open Water" for swimming in an outdoor 50m pool
  172. Swim Won't Sync from Vivoactive to Garmin Connect
  173. vivoactive sync with hrm swim
  174. Garmin Swim not pairing
  175. 30 sec reminder at 25 yds.
  176. VO2 Max for HRM-Swim
  177. Max Heart Rate for Swim
  178. How do you log your training?
  179. Wrong date on swim workouts
  180. Wolf Value wrong
  181. Vivoactive swim drill new feature
  182. Unable to create swim workout that show up on watch properly
  183. Vivosmart HR - how to activate swimming log
  184. Help swimming with Forerunner 220
  185. Lap counter in swim mode - Forerunner 920xt
  186. Epix swimming odd calorie counter
  187. Garmin Swim + FR225 as HR
  188. FENIX 3 ayuda MEDICIÓN BAD
  189. Fenix 2 does not count strokes.
  190. Swim statistics bug
  191. flashing "please wait" writing on display
  192. Vivosmart HR while Swimming
  193. Garmin Swim - upload not working since a couple of months
  194. HRM-SWIM battery lasting less than a week
  195. actual swim time versus total time?
  196. garmin vivoactive keeps turning off ??
  197. Not possible to update de hrm tri ver4 to ver 4.3
  198. Wrist HR of Fenix 3 for swimming
  199. 910XT Won't Count Laps
  200. Fenix 3 HR swimdata in pool terrible
  201. Forerunner 920XT overcounting laps
  202. smart or 1 second ? 920xt
  203. Garmin Swim 2 / new model / release date
  204. HR data from Fenix 3 HR when swimming
  205. Feature request: HR data upload to Strava with swim activities
  206. Fenix 3 HR senses too short time for paces while swimming
  207. Unable to update distance or laps swam because of outside of permissible limits
  208. Counting Steps when Swimming
  209. Huge calories difference when swimming with HRM-Swim
  210. Changing pool length in Triathlon mode, 920XT
  211. Swimming data not sync with Garmin Connect
  212. Open water swimming with the HRM Tri - is it ok ?? or it falls?
  213. [Forerunner 920xt] Suddendly wrong lengths
  214. Can't change distance value in swim activity
  215. Swimming numbers seem completely wrong
  216. Finally Garmin connect allow swim workouts
  217. Unwanted Resetting
  218. Vivoactive HR - Swimming - Interval management
  219. Garmin fenix 3 - issue with open water swimming
  220. Forerunner 920xt not recording number of swimming pool lengths correctly
  221. Swim Workouts - Unable to Add Steps to Repeats
  222. 920xt with latest update (7.10): Swim distance completely useless
  223. Edit swim sessions
  224. Swim Cap Tan Line
  225. Fenix 3 HR & HRM-Swim
  226. Missing transfer of data
  227. Create Open Water Swim Workout? Is it possible?
  228. Garmin 910XT: Open Water Swims downloaded as "Other" activities
  229. Stationary pool / swim tether
  230. HRM swim for Triathlon
  231. Alert on 'distance' (i.e. lengths) is not working on Vivoactive HR
  232. Personal Records for Swimming
  233. swimming kick drills on 910xt
  234. swimming and intensive minutes, recovery, records ...
  235. Vivoactive HR - small pool size
  236. Forerunner 920 doesn't counts laps after drills
  237. Open water swim > rest mode
  238. Vivoactive HR no longer counts lengths right
  239. Data recording Smart or Every Second for pool and open water swimming Forerunner920xt
  240. Open water swim - Fenix 3 HR - GPS plot has me swimming into the woods
  241. Can't change pool length when creating/editing swim workouts in Garmin Connect (web)
  242. Vivoactive HR - Stationary Swimming
  243. Fenix 3 GR Pool swim is not counting laps correctly
  244. temperature sensor fenix 3 HR
  245. First OW swim - 920XT with HRM-Tri - What Have I Done Wrong?
  246. Forerunner 735XT stroke recognition problem
  247. Swim GPX/TCX files not importing to Runkeeper
  248. Open water swim without GPS
  249. Data Entry: Pool Length- in Vivo smart HR
  250. Forerunner 735 xt not saving swimming activity