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  1. 310 didn't download all legs of multisport activity
  2. workout review
  3. 2nd Hard Reset in weeks
  4. Old 305 HRM for new 310XT - Compatible?
  5. Training plan
  6. Garmin GSC 10 Speed/Cadence Bike Sensor - Not recording Cadence
  7. Trouble wiht Elevation Gain...
  8. HR flipping in the display
  9. ANT Agent not finding and displaying new activities
  10. Heart rate and Cadence Icons?
  11. No puedo transferir datos
  12. How long do 310xt batteries last before needing replacement?
  13. Brand New Garmin 310XT Unresponsive Down Button
  14. New firmware?
  15. Virtual Partner not working while using course
  16. Vibration
  17. Measuring cadence without speed
  18. My 310 records kilometres as miles!
  19. 310 xt memory problem
  20. two GSC10 to be used on one 310XT
  21. Garmin Ant Agent
  22. Training Effect
  23. Switch to Runner 2 Mode
  24. Data mess after multisport session. Please help.
  25. Cannot Transfer Courses
  26. Failure to Power/Charge is a known issue. I have to pay for RMA service ... again?
  27. Virtual Partner vs average pace
  28. Using Forerunner 310XT with a 305 HRM?
  29. "Status" screen
  30. Garmin Usb ANT
  31. 310XT just stopped Pairing??
  32. Splits not working?
  33. Running with the quick release 310xt
  34. Pace and Distance not correct
  35. thinking of buying a 310xt ? Pls
  36. Got my new 310xt today ?'s
  37. Unable to transfer workouts from 310XT (brand new) to Garmin Connect online
  38. GMaptoGPX not working?
  39. ? on my 310xt...what is "recovery"
  40. Data transfer withMicronext - mn-wd552b - dongle, usb 2.0, nano size
  41. Transferring data to Garmin Connect
  42. 310XT Activity Not Listed
  43. My hr recovery is 57...is this stored anywhere ??
  44. Stuck "Establishing Connection..."
  45. Problem exporting Garmin Connect Training Plan Workout to 310xt
  46. Using foot pod for 310xt and FR70 - counting steps
  47. Not happy with my new 310xt...the hr monotor function is junk ?? Help
  48. Garmin 310XT Displays Speed then stops 10 minutes into ride
  49. Charging 310xt overnight
  50. Garmin service issues !!!!
  51. 310xt switching modes
  52. not seeing my workouts and unable to update firmware
  53. Wacky Elevation
  54. Change recording interval??
  55. Interval screen - is it possible to see my speed?
  56. Can´t find my heart rate monitor
  57. Where does one set the distance alert.
  58. Path (with virtual partner) i can make only once. Why??
  59. 310xt & giant ridesense cadence sensor
  60. Garmin 310 XT Data Pages
  61. Garmin 310XT keeps sending all data back to my device?
  62. Firmware update issue - link missing?
  63. Can't find power meter
  64. Uploading interval workout question
  65. problem uploading 1 activity from garmin 310xt
  66. Heart Rate Quit Working
  67. Incorrect speed when indoors, 310XT with GSC10 speed/cadence sensor
  68. problem whit map detail on garmin connect
  69. Haertrate in %
  70. Gaps after auto laps on smart recording interval
  71. 310XT detected, and NOT detected..
  72. Garmin 310XT data transfer works but does not show in Garmin Connect
  73. Problem uploading the activity to the Dashboard
  74. Brand new 310XT - satellite problem
  75. FR310XT Garmin Title Screen only on power-on
  76. Loss of GPS signal after 1-2km
  77. Pace. Average/current pace
  78. 310XT Not marking activities as new
  79. New to 310. Trying to configure data fields and having issues
  80. Heartrate % Max not showing
  81. installing ANT problems for my rorerunner 310XT - access denied
  82. Garmin 310XT shuts down with 66% battery power left
  83. How to transfer / get / put a GPX file onto your Garmin
  84. 310XT - Solving Connection Issues
  85. Will HR Monitor from 305 work with 310XT?
  86. Display Lap Time problem
  87. affiche en km/h au lieu de min/km
  88. Auto Multisport not working correctly
  89. Windows 8.1 does not see or recognize my Forerunner 310XT
  90. Windsurfing
  91. 310XT won't charge
  92. Sending data to the 310xt
  93. Activities and totals
  94. 310 XT and Personal Records
  95. Where is your heart rate shown on the forerunner 310xt watch?
  96. Vise i mil og ikke km på facebook
  97. Mileage and time totals
  98. Forerunner 310XT on Linux
  99. 310XT stuck on "Transferring data"
  100. Data Transfer speed through ANT+
  101. 310 xt has mind of its own
  102. FAILED Transfer with 310TX Forerunner
  103. Is there currently a problem with Garmin Connect?
  104. computer not even finding device
  105. forerunner 310XT freezes at 61 minutes
  106. 310xt performing master reset while charging
  107. Entrainements prévus suous Garmin 310 XT
  108. Speed and Distance totals wildly inaccurate on 310xt
  109. How do I display my heart rate
  110. heart rate
  111. 310XT Portable Charging?
  112. Odometer setting under Bike Details
  113. 310XT Data Transfer is Awful
  114. Forerunner 310 XT setup to ski
  115. Virtual partner
  116. Virtual Partner display
  117. Virtual Partner - can't disable?
  118. 310XT calorie counter has suddenly gone off the scale too high - how to fix?
  119. 310XT not charging (but has charge left and does work for now)
  120. Forerunner 310xt readings of HR Monitor not accurate...
  121. unable to connect device and unable to send work outs to device
  122. Speed spike
  123. 310 XT issue with Garmin Express
  124. Parcial acumulado por kilometro
  125. Cadence Graph
  126. Alternative to Connect for transferring a course to the 310XT?
  127. Sudden Drop in Calorie Burn
  128. Deleted Activity
  129. pacemaker and 310xt
  130. Workaround for cadence graph not appearing
  131. History showing as same day
  132. Announcement Concerning Garmin Connect
  133. Trouble pairing foot pod
  134. 12 hours battery life. Is it a faulty battery?
  135. back light not working
  136. Why isn't the cadence graph showing in GC?
  137. Garmin Connect doubles Cadence - Garmin 310 XT & Garmin Footpod -
  138. Forerunner 310XT Issue with Time change to/from daylight time
  139. Feature request: heart beats per mile/km
  140. Erroneous data in the first few seconds of activity
  141. Struggling to connect 310XT to Strava, any help appreciated.
  142. 310XT: Use ANT Agent and/or Communicator Plugin and or ???
  143. Software version is up to date. Version 0.00 ???
  144. My 310XT is Freaking Out - Won't Stop Vibrating
  145. enable pairing with new device
  146. 310xt turning itself off
  147. Waht Hapen if the battery ends in the midle off a activity
  148. Sendind Goals to the device
  149. 310XT Losing GPS Signal Mid-Ride - Strange Behavior
  150. Gamin Connect Custom Workout unable to transfer to device
  151. Getting alerts during workout
  152. "Send to Device" option for training plans?
  153. Same date in all activities and wrong clock
  154. Recovery Heart Rate 2 minutes?
  155. Trouble uploading data "NO NEW ACTIVITIES TO UPLOAD"!!!
  156. In running mode how do I change VP speed to VP pace?
  157. Transfer waypoints? There must be a way. Please help.
  158. lap error
  159. 4th Garmin 310xt!
  160. data transfer fails
  161. After Upload to GARMIN CONNECT, one hour behind
  162. 310XT not staying enabled for data transfer.
  163. Heart rate monitor not transmitting well
  164. Garmin 310 XT wont charge-Shows Software Loader
  165. 310XT and Garmin Training Centre
  166. 310XT Screens Doing Courses
  167. Is it possible to save all workout together in one big file?
  168. Please Explain Foot Pod
  169. Solar / battery charging solution for FR 310XT
  170. I can't find my ANT USB in my computer ?
  171. Garmin Connect, Training Center, Express, ANT....what are the "right" apps to use?
  172. Nouveau
  173. Direct sunlight
  174. inconsistent GPS data
  175. Forerunner 310x detected by ANT but not uploading data
  176. Saving Data Intervals
  177. Garmin 310XT shuts down with 55% battery power left
  178. Forerunner 310XT - No Device Not Connected - Is my ANT USB broken?
  179. Altitude perfil problem
  180. Only one specicfic run not uploading!
  181. Unable to upload activities - problem communicating with Garmin servers
  182. Any Status on Garmin Express Fixes for Downloading 310 XT?
  183. 310xt Problems
  184. problem with heart rate monitor
  185. Activity from 310XT not uploading to GarminConnect
  186. Came back to my 310xt after the 620 was a joke
  187. How do you find other runners?
  188. Training Plans Not Downloading to Device - Please Help
  189. field to put the type of shoe
  190. 310XT tech info screen & buttons not working
  191. When I start with workout, the GPS is confused where I am.
  192. Satechi 10,000mAh Battery Pack
  193. Current speed?
  194. Switching from miles to kilometres
  195. Unable to to transfer courses and/or workouts to my 310xt
  196. Forerunner 310 XT Stuck on Startup Screen
  197. forerunner 310 xt - day of the nonth
  198. Can I pair two GSC-10's to my 310XT?
  199. Forerunner keeps turning itself on
  200. No Datatransfer to Garmin Connect with Garmin Express
  201. Missing workouts on Garmin Connect log after uploading workouts
  202. Hilly running activities "SET AS COURSE" are less long then actual?!
  203. Can't locate satellites
  204. FR 310xt se reinicia cada minuto dice bateria baja estando full cargada
  205. GPS Chipset Type G2 is ready to install
  206. Is My 310xt Dead?
  207. No new activitys recognised
  208. Memory Full - Unable to Clear
  209. Openwater swimming. Under cap with swim mode on or off? Recording Every sec or Smart?
  210. What training/GPS watch to buy?
  211. Lifetime athlete
  212. Battery issue
  213. Connection issues.
  214. Issue transferring data to computer
  215. Triathlon with Run Intervals
  216. Garmin express lost my data.
  217. Garmin 305 to 310XT lost functionality: delete single lap?
  218. 310XT Auto Data Transfer
  219. Manually entering workouts into Garmin Connect
  220. open water swim distance
  221. How to transfer a Course onto 310XT
  222. Save data without internet connection
  223. Stuck "Establishing Connection" and never uploads data to Garmin Ant Agent
  224. Slightly Different Garmin 310XT Forerunner Question
  225. Garmin Express sync error with Garmin Connect, 310xt
  226. Time information is missing from file
  227. Garmin 310xt lame duck?
  228. Transfer track with garmin express, don't work
  229. Is there a wire to upload data?
  230. dead 310xt
  231. Apparition de buée
  232. Garmin Connect Website
  233. Bad transmitter?
  234. Workouts and Pace
  235. 310xt jagged pace trend
  236. Workout With Courses??
  237. Unable to download data to device
  238. Comparing running GPS units. Please add comments/advice if you have used these.
  239. Download from gpsies:Your device does not support writing of the type FitnessCourses.
  240. Comparing running GPS units. Please add comments/advice if you have used these.
  241. swim lap help
  242. 310xt now same as 310xt of years past?
  243. Distance mismatch between iPhone and 310XT
  244. 310xt will not download workouts from Garmin Connect
  245. Interval Timing Help
  246. Courses - off track
  247. Alternative to ANT+ for uploading activities
  248. thinking about buying a 310xt
  249. Forerunner 310XT is only uploading one event a day!!
  250. Intensity is "resting" when effort is sub-maximal ...?