View Full Version : Known Issues and Solutions

  1. SOLUTION: Forerunner 405CX customers must upgrade ANT - 2.2.7 (Windows)/2.1.3 (Mac)
  2. SOLUTION: Garmin Communicator Not Found in Safari 4
  3. SOLUTION: IE on Windows Vista customers need to add garmin.com as Trusted Site
  4. SOLUTION: Uploads hanging on Mac with Forerunner 205/305 and Edge 205/305/605/705
  5. SOLUTION: Safari 4 on Snow Leopard customers-upgrade Garmin Communicator Plugin 2.8.2
  6. Mac ANT Agent does not support 64-bit mode in Snow Leopard
  7. SOLUTION: Course/Firmware Update issues for Forerunner 310XT/405/405CX w/Snow Leopard
  8. Known Issue - Goals do not include the last day of tracking
  9. Known Issue - Location is unavailable
  10. SOLUTION - Weekly Totals hangs with too many zero distance activities
  11. UPDATE - Delete/Edit Goals Continued Trouble
  12. Known Issue/SOLUTION: GC Pluign links found here
  13. Known Issue - Problems searching Explore
  14. Known Issue/SOLUTION - Sharing your Activities
  15. Firebug can cause Garmin Connect to run slow
  16. Inside Garmin Connect: An update on Moving Time
  17. BUG - Workout sent from calendar is scheduled 1 day later on device