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  1. Bug FW 3.0: GPX Track Details not showing up
  2. Bug FW 3.0: Cannot store settings for Foot Pod Speed in Profile
  3. Round off error in interval times
  4. Garmin Dakota 20 and heart rate Belt issue
  5. garmin support and repair center TOO LONG
  6. Need recommendation for GPS wristwatch
  7. GarminSync automatically copies your Garmin Connect activities to Strava/RunKeeper
  8. Digifit Connect 2
  9. Indoor Training - treadmill
  10. Fenix 3.10 Software
  11. Garmin quatix marine watch
  12. Hiking is now the only profile
  13. Ant+ and iPhone4 - incorrect readings and failure, reading incorrect BPM
  14. 10k training plans
  15. Analyze Health
  16. Fenix Unit-to-Unit Transfer Problem and Work-Around
  17. Am I confused over cadence
  18. FR10 waterproofness, or edge 200 for running?
  19. fenix - where are we?
  20. In market for Running watch but dismayed by alll bad reports of 110/210/410/610/910
  21. Time Interval Training
  22. Which watch should I get ?
  23. Suunto Ambit - "Use Heart Rate Limits"
  24. Setup --> Tracks --> Interval. The timer is gone
  25. Basecamp route Aonach Eagach
  26. premium soft strap heart rate monitor compatability
  27. Ant+ iphone adapter
  28. garmin for running and swimming
  29. Garmin User Manual
  30. Any way to downgrade from 3.16 bet back to 3.10?
  31. Heart Rate Zones
  32. HRM3 - new Garmin product?
  33. Which training plan?
  34. At last! Stride length data!
  35. Best way to create a workout for a paced Half Marathon?
  36. How to get temperature data in TEMPE Garmin eTrex 30?
  37. GPS Chipset Type M4 (Fitness Region File) software version 2.60
  38. Wow... This Place Is Turning into a Dump!
  39. New GPS forum just started... NAVISPOT.COM
  40. Has Garmin LOST its Sense of Direction?
  41. Garmin foot pod
  42. forerunner 110 can I change the mileage?
  43. Cadence data differences - Garmin 910xt and Garmin Edge 810
  44. Virtual Club
  45. Need Help! Garmin fenix NOT booting...
  46. new manuals
  47. Oregon 600 distance accuracy
  48. Garmin models with R-R HR interval and PE/EPOC live display?
  49. Cannot upload
  50. How to delete a scheduled training plan from a device(Fr 610)?
  51. Any Garmin that allows to schedule Running Cadence?
  52. Upload using a phone, tablet, or pod for free!
  53. put my 1-month old fenix up for sale
  54. Bug or my mistake?
  55. No ETE / ETA when navigating to a waypoint
  56. Running goals
  57. Incredibe battery draining with sensors on
  58. TypeError: Unable to get property 'getElementsByTagName' of undefined or null referen
  59. What diet?
  60. Montana shows waypoins BEHIND navigated purple track
  61. Kayaking with a Bike Sensor kit?
  62. Question on battery life
  63. Updating Fenix Software on a Mac
  64. Forerunner 110 How do I mute...
  65. Getting back into shape, a few questions and sticking points.
  66. view multiple user routes in google earth
  67. Garmin for to use for Cross Country skiing and Running?
  68. Need replacement for dying 305 - 210 or 610?
  69. Releases Dates
  70. New Bluetooth forerunner? Garmin connect mobile app shows new watch w/livetrack
  71. Walking Speedometer
  72. S3 Approach - "No Courses Near" message
  73. A and B in Garmin Calendar
  74. Recommendation - multi sport waterproof wrist worn GPS with accurate max speed
  75. HR info in track log
  76. Heart rate is not displayed when in the fitness profile on etrex 30
  77. MacBook Air recognises Garmin Swim but does not now recognise Forerunner 210?
  78. Looking for a compatible running device
  79. Fitness Trainer
  80. custom course info- where does it get my predicted pace?
  81. I'm Gone Until Spam is Removed!
  82. Forerunner 620! What?
  83. Need help asap...which unit for biking and running
  84. Compatiblilty of HRB1B heart rate monitor
  85. Communication Never Stop
  86. Forerunner 310 calories
  87. What is the best way to find my average pace within a specific HR Zone?
  88. etrex hcx unable to acquire satellites
  89. FitTrackView - a track viewer for the Garmin sport&fitness devices
  90. products
  91. Zone 4 Threshold Pace Vs Zone 4 10k Pace
  92. New Forerunner 910xt NEED HELP!
  93. Does anyone else feel like Garmin does not care about or support customers in Asia?
  94. Garmin Forerunner calibration ?
  95. Is there 1 iPhone app that tracks activities, calories used & consumed, and weight?
  96. edge 800 for walking data records
  97. Sportswatch Buying Advice
  98. Heart rate monitor problems solved
  99. .FIT file corrupted
  100. Foretrex track with loop
  101. Oregon 650 - activity recording isssue
  102. HRM wont pair after replacing battery
  103. Calorie Calculations?
  104. Is any forerunner model able to export r-r data?
  105. my forerunner 410 is frozen
  106. Maximum heart rate (MHR), recovery runs, over training
  107. Heart Rate monitor usage
  108. scheduled workout on Garmin 310XT (french and English version) - Help ! Thanks
  109. Newbie--How to charge battery in Garmin 450t?
  110. Forerunner HRM
  111. instantaneous pace - would like a technical explanation of why wrong?
  112. Running trails in Los Angeles (USC)
  113. live tracking
  114. Footpod SDM3 vs. SDM4
  115. When is Basecamp Mobile for Android being released?
  116. Bug report: Garmin Fenix 4.00 SW version GPS SW 2.9 does not start measure distance
  117. Meaning of 10k pace and threshold pace?
  118. Why does every running plan start with something that is not running?
  119. When will the next new models come out?
  120. Running groups or clubs.
  121. food pod off by 2k, calibrated.
  122. HRM in someone with diagnosed LBBB
  123. SDM4 Footpod Fault
  124. Time vs elapsed time
  125. Garmin Express Fit device compatibility
  126. Montana 650t help - wrong distance
  127. Why does Garmin keep removing features we enjoyed in 2005!
  128. Confused
  129. Garmin Connect Mobile Android App with Galaxy S2 (i9100) and Bluetooth Sync
  130. another software that will automatically uoload activity from device to GC ??
  131. forerunner vs vivofit
  132. Automatic Declination Adjustment?
  133. Help!! Which device should i get??
  134. Does Garmin Fit /Footpod work with Sony Xperia Z1 w/ integrated ANT+?
  135. Has your feature request become a reality? Would LOVE to hear about it... :)
  136. Has your feature request not become a reality?
  137. Shoe Odometer
  138. Premium HRM strap...
  139. GPSMap 64 series units -
  140. Fenix/Tactix Forums
  141. Heart Rate Monitor Issue
  142. Some advice for a novice runner....
  143. How good are Garmin forerunner watches?
  144. Newbie Runner
  145. How to combine running and fitness training?
  146. Footpod calibration factor using multiple fr devices
  147. Fenix 2 Sub-Forum
  148. Garda Fitness test
  149. HR Zones 620
  150. using foot pod w/ multiple shoes - another calibration question
  151. Question Health Monitoring not running ?
  152. How to combine running and fitness training?
  153. Connecting Friends to Workouts
  154. Bluetooth API
  155. Forerunner 310 and 910 record different data on the same track
  156. Is Garmin Virb stand alone battery charger faster?
  157. How do you make your workouts?
  158. Fenix 2 - is it possible to see the notifications also in hebrew?
  159. Royal Princess Fitness Center? running track?
  160. coding return no result
  161. [OT] Etrex forum?
  162. running workouts
  163. stay on routine for result
  164. Speed and pace
  165. workouts for running
  166. some serious workouts
  167. how to recover lost data
  168. Footpod drains batteries in two weeks
  169. Garmin Half Marathon Heart Rate Training Plan
  170. HRM-run on LADIES
  171. GARMIN Forerunner 210 keeps on freezing
  172. how to wipe out preinstalled data
  173. Garmin Forerunner 410 and 310XT compatible?
  174. Quatix - issue about tracking starting point
  175. Forerunner 910XT compatible
  176. how to create best workout plan
  177. amazing flash templates
  178. how to update manually
  179. Loss of signal affecting average pace
  180. how to choose workout plan
  181. GPS watch for Sprints and Top speed?
  182. How to create best workout plans
  183. Which device should I get?
  184. Newbie, I need help with Running on HR Zones
  185. Heart rate spikes
  186. Garmin Express no longer syncs to Dailymile
  187. Interval training
  188. heart rate zones? !?! help and if I should adjust!
  189. How to remove TIME data page in Activities ?
  190. Extra Training plans
  191. Big improvement but some things I would still like to see
  192. HRM-RUN Compatibility
  193. Interval Question
  194. I'm clueless which model to pick - running, swiming, indoor cardio
  195. Garmin Forerunner
  196. 620 Screen & Button locl
  197. Garmin Connect Personal Marathon Plan
  198. Server CCcam , Mgcamd Included The rare and Elite pack's with test serverE-mail h24
  199. basal metabolic rate BMR and weight loss vs muscle gain
  200. slow development
  201. Getting my Resting HR. Advice or help?
  202. Most simple device with workout capability?
  203. Fenix2
  204. Comment récupérer données android?
  205. Looking For repair shop in BANGKOK to fix my foreruner 610
  206. Unresponsive Touch Screen - 610 - no menu
  207. Track Archive Error on my Fenix 1
  208. Apple Watch
  209. 10k Sub 40 training plan for the garmin 620?
  210. Forerunner 910xt, 620, Fenix 2 - Need help picking one
  211. pause, reset and run/walk
  212. Segments - Cyclists in the Running leaderboards
  213. Supplements and awareness and what's available
  214. Garmin New Devices and Weight Scale Support
  215. Warranty Repair for Premium Heart Rate Monitor
  216. Fenix 2 Connectivity
  217. Forerunner 610 or 220
  218. Forerunner @@)
  219. Any hope for an FR80 or FR90?
  220. Is there any half ironman plan on garmin training plans?
  221. It necessary to calibrate Garmin foot pod?
  222. Hug-a-Runner Day
  223. D2 calorie calculation way off
  224. HRM Run not displaying running dynamics on Garmin Connect from fenix 2
  225. How soon before race can I start LiveTrack?
  226. Free programing advise for Garmin
  227. iPhone App that track position on segments from activities uploaded to Strava Run
  228. downloadable workouts/calendar
  229. Making new run activity with Vivofit
  230. Running Goals
  231. Can I change the name in Livetrack invitations?
  232. Forerunner 210 upload fail
  233. Vivoactive data fields
  234. Which Garmin do I need?
  235. Share Training Workouts?
  236. Ultra Running Fenix 2 or FR920???
  237. Heart Rate Zones
  238. Footpod as a speed source
  239. Activity time from Forerunner - GarminConnect and Runkeeper
  240. where on this site can i catch up with other runners in another country?
  241. Does a swinging arm introduce inaccuracies ?
  242. how to check what time i had in some specific distance?
  243. HM training plan on Garmin Connect (level 2 w/ HR)
  244. Who's idea was it?
  245. Trying to understand
  246. Training with HR: how to walk in zone 2
  247. Softstrap won't stay tight!
  248. using 310, 610 or 910 together with 920xt
  249. ** Everything you ever wanted to know about the Garmin HRM-RUN **
  250. Foot-Pod and elliptical trainer