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Virb mobile IOS ( ipad pro ) Virb 360 movies upload

Hello, is it possible to upload the movies from Virb 360 into ipad pro via wire ( USB) and later render them in the application. By default mobile application could not start without permanent camera connection which consumes the battery which is anyway miserable.

Thank you

  • Hi Rado,

    Yes, what you're speaking of is possible, sort of. I don't have an iPad Pro to test if the below comment I mention works, but it should work since it works on Android devices.

    In general you must be connected to a Garmin Camera in order to use the VIRB Mobile app. You can however back up your VIRB data on your iPad Pro by using an SD Card reader adapter for the iPad Pro. If you don't need gauges in your videos, once you have your videos on your iPad Pro you can use any video editing app that supports 360 content to edit your videos.

    To Back up your data:
    1. Insert your VIRB 360 SD Card into the Adapter and copy the entire contents of the VIRB SD Card to a new folder on your iPad Pro (It is important to keep the VIRB SD card file structure in tact).

    To Restore your data on your VIRB 360:
    1. Once you're ready to manipulate the VIRB videos with the VIRB Mobile app, just copy the VIRB SD Card contents you saved on your iPad Pro previously back to VIRB 360's SD Card and insert the card back into your VIRB 360.
    2. Connect your VIRB 360 to your phone then start the VIRB Mobile app.
    3. Everything should work like normal.

    If you have access to a Mac or PC I highly recommend using the VIRB Edit app. The VIRB Edit app provides you more freedom to manipulate the footage, lets you export and share using the power of your CPU/GPU and you're not relying on a Wi-Fi connection to the camera.

    Keep in mind, the VIRB 360 can be used while connected to a generic battery bank, it's an easy way to extend the battery length of the camera.