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Cannot install garmin connect mobile on windows 10

I cannot install garmin connect mobile from the windows store in windows 10 version 1809
It says i owned this product but there is no install icon
Please help
  • I think the app is only supposed to work on Windows 10 Mobile based smartphones, not on Windows 10 PCs.
  • About a year ago I did have the app working in Windows 10. However I wouldn't be surprised it has since been withdrawn.
  • I recently uninstalled Garmin Connect Mobile app accidentally. When I try to reinstall the app from Microsoft Store it states that I own the app but does not reinstall the app after pressing on the install button. I have the app on my phone and iPad in addition to my laptop. I have Windows 10 version 1803 OS build 17134.590. Please help.
  • it is no longer supported. I just found out after buying new Garmin watch.
  • I confirm.

    Garmin Connect Mobile does not work on my Windows 10.  They should stop claiming it.

    In the Microsoft store there is an app called Garmin Connect Mobile, which is claimed to work on Windows 10 too, in addition to Android and iOS.

    The configuration requirements are: Windows 10 Mobile 10586.0 or upper, or Windows 10 version 10586.0 or upper.

    I have Windows 10 Professional Version 1809, Operating System version 17763.475, as shown in "System Information".

    I guess the 1809 number is irrelevant here, and the 17763.475 is relevant.  So I think I have the right configuration.

    However, the application Garmin Connect Mobile does not want to install.  When I click on "Download" it points me to the configuration requirements.

    I also have the Garmin Express installed.  But it is not the Garmin Express that I want to use.  I want to use Garmin Connect Mobile.  Because that offers wireless synchronisation.

    If this Garmin Connect Mobile does not work on Windows 10 then I am forced into acquiring an Android device.

    The claim that Garmin Connect Mobile works on Windows 10 may be incorrect.