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Windows Phone Garmin

It's time to move on. Garmin does not offer stable functionality on WP10 devices and I am very doubtful that there will be any change regarding this …. EVER. Basically it's of course not the primary fault of Garmin, it's down to the simple fact that a certain Redmond ex-garage company does not care anymore for WP10. So, I advice the measure I took: Moving to e.g. Android. Stable app, updated and connection to devices are mostly excellent.

WP / 10 was a promising operating system, but failed conquering the market due to many, mainly HW reasons. RIP.

The Road_ and Trackrunner.
  • I was in the same boat as you. The last straw was after I bought a new car. Couldn't really do much with connecting my Lumia 640XL with the car. There was never a Windows Phone version of android auto or Apple CarPlay. One reason I stayed with WP10 so long was that Garmin continued to offer their Garmin Connect Mobile for Windows Phone long after other companies had stopped supporting any WP apps. Now even Microsoft has thrown in the towel. A beautiful interface, very intuitive. Personally, I didn't have any issues with the hardware. The market was already owned by Apple and Android by the time Microsoft got into it with Windows Phone 7. It would have been a monumental task to make a dent in the marketplace. Just having a pretty phone is not going to make anyone come running from the android or iOS ecosystems. I think 3% market share was their peak.

    I have since gone to the Galaxy S9+. Wow, there really is an app for everything. A lot of junk apps, but still nice to have options.