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Garmin Mobile Connect 4.5 ? related to Firmware 9.00 (Edge 820)

I have updated my Edge 820 with new firmware, however the firmware requires reconnecting to my Windows Mobile device using GC Mobile 4.5 or higher.
However there is no 4.5 version for Windows Mobile.

Will there be one?
Otherwise I need to rollback the firmware.
  • Exactly, I've just bought new Edge 820 Explore and I noticed that I am not able to use more than half of features due to old app. Please upgrade it to be aligned with latest firmware. I like windows I am not going to spend another bag of money to buy phone with Android only for cycling.
  • Hey guys,

    Same situation here, I never managed to sync the edge 820 with WM with the 9.X FMW..... I am going to dowgrade to 8.8, but I hope I have this GPUDATE file in my computer, Otherwise, I will ask you to provide me one, if you agree....

    I raised another post to GARMIN asking them if they are still supporting WM, off course no anwser

    Keep going on pushing.


  • I'm seconding this, I also made a post a while back, but no response, which is not unusual. We need more people to be vocal about this if Garmin is ever going to look at WM.
  • someone has the GCD file for the FW 8.8? this was on my old PC where i did not backup C drive. the file is under C:\ProgramData\Garmin\CoreService\Downloads\firmware\...and here you should have something with 8.80 in the file name.