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GCM on Windows 10 Mobile Sync issues

Lately (since the update) I have been experiencing a number sync issues. Using the VAHR and VA3. Typically the device will stop syncing, but will still connect for notifications and show real-time data on the phone from the device. The blue sync bar cycles all the way (often twice) before going green stating the sync is fine but no data is actually transferred.

I am left with two options then. Reboot my phone (closing the app doesn't help as the app can still run in the background) or syncing with Garmin Express.

Now if I synced earlier in the say day either options is fine. However if I have not synced part of a previous day I then must use Garmin Express if I want that data. If I reboot my phone first and force a sync it will work, however it will only grab data starting at 12am today and all previous days data will NEVER sync regardless of the method. This has happened multiple times in the last couple weeks. Typically with the loss of 1-2 days worth of data.

This is more than a little frustrating though at least I have a work around. Has anyone else seen this issue?
  • By all means, refrain from switching to a different mobile operating system platform, for reasons that suit yourself and need not be explained or justified to anyone else. If a device you purchased is not as described in the product's published technical specifications and other marketing collateral, or not fit for the purposes for which it was marketed and sold (as opposed to approaching fitness-for-purpose primarily from the customer's perspective), then I absolutely believe it ought to be replaced or refunded upon being returned.

    My point is that if any number of fitness device manufacturers and/or service providers refuse to come to the party, and create/maintain a sustainable ecosystem and operating environment that you want, then as a consumer there is very little you can do to make it happen, even if that would satisfy you far more than to get the device refunded for a lose-lose outcome. If that is the root of your frustrations, then it's up to you to yield, and not for industry to change to accommodate – especially when it is something that the latter has already tried and found not to be commercially beneficial.

    The problem is, Windows 10 itself is fully commercially viable and yet, they decided it was not worth supported their stuff even there. If I knew they were going to not bother even there, I would have gone with a Fitbit scale and an Ionic instead, had they been available when I was looking for something new, back in January of 2017. The problem is, they automatically assume you must have an Android or iOS smartphone or you cannot use their products. (Used to not be that way since I had a Forerunner 305 for 5 years.)