The new update to GCM for Windows 10 Mobile / Windows Phone 8.x is out. Sadly it isn't the same 4.0 redesigned version as Android received last week or iOS received today. The big difference seems to be the Sleep details. It also feels a little more responsive. It no longer takes a second to add "Activity Profiles" to my vivoactive 3 device.

As usual the new app wouldnt sync with the device until after the phone has rebooted (typical for me, not sure if this is typical for others). It syncs find syncs fine syncs the reboot aside from stating "Bluetooth is not available on this device" at the top of the devices page. It also managed to sync over my morning activity (pushups and planks) very quickly though it didn't tell me my activity was ready for viewing. I haven't had any other sync issues, then again I haven't been using it for very long. Though most of my sync issues went away when I upgraded from a VAHR to a VA3 this weekend.

Another oddity I noticed in this new version is my step goal. It is a perfectly round number (and my device matches the same goal) however according to the user settings and connect.garmin.com my goal is just over 300 steps lower than this (I my goal calculated automatically and never seen a round number)

I would like to get the new interface or at least be cable to configure the newer settings via connect.garmin.com and have them sync through GCM or at least Garmin Express.
  • GCMW states my Lumia 950 would have no Bluetooth at all. So there is no sync available. Same Problem or any Solutions anybody?
  • This is fixed by a soft reset of the phone. I just did one and it is resolved. This has happened in the past with updates but usually it wont sync while this occurs so that is a change. The fix is the same.
  • I have also noticed (not sure if it is GCM or my device) that I get the weather while connected but expanding to the week forecast doesn't work saying "Waiting for Data" with a red circled ! at the top and a phone and Bluetooth logo. I do get the current weather.
  • Just got myself a Vivomove watch. Using Lumia 930 running latest fast ring build of Fall Creators Update. Syncing with GCM 3.22 never works for me. Sometimes it says syncing complete, yet no data is available in GCM. Can't set my goal to 10000 steps as this also requires syncing, the same is with software update (2.10 to 2.50). Will try updating GCM to 3.23.1 and will report on results. So far nothing actually helps to get this watch + my Lumia phone to work as it is supposed to.
  • Unfortunately, new GCM 3.23.1 doesn't work as supposed to. Checked it with Lumia 930 running fast ring Fall Creator's Update and Lumia 650 running production release of Fall Creator's Update. Both devices do sync with Vivomove, yet none shows any values in GCM. No way to update watch software using both devices.
    I've reset the watch, deleted paired Vivomove from both phones, paired watch again with GCM, yet nothing helps. Really sad to see Garmin's treatment of WM users.
  • I've found a solution to make syncing work. Try master reset your Garmin and sync it again. Now my Lumia 930 running 1709 fast ring and GCM 3.23.1 work fine.
  • using Lumia 930 on 15063.674, no improvements from the previous GCM version, using Edge 820 v8.5

    1. Call notifications are not working, but text are working
    2. Cannot manage Connect IQ data field from phone, but widget and applications are showing

    On the other side I have no issue at all with BLT stability, activity sync,
  • HI guys,

    After MS has officially stated that Windows 10 Mobile will be discontinued I have decided to switch my phone to an Android one (Galaxy S8). And what should I say, I am impressed what great features my Fenix5 now supports, like:

    - notifications working great
    - if notification is removed from watch, it disappears on phone too
    - if notification is removed from phone, it disappears from watch
    - music controls including skip forward/backward, showing name of played song, control volume...
    - weather forecast working
    - sync in GCM working always
    - watch automatically reconnecting to phone when connection lost
    - reading notifications on watch does not take hours

    So from my point of view either Garmin is not interested in integrating the same functionalities into W10M or the framework does not allow to do so. In both cases it is very unlikely that this will change as Garmin knows that W10M is going to disappear and MS will not put much effort into extending the OS for developers.

    I am very sad that I have to leave W10M as it still is the best mobile operating system for me, but if even MS says that it is dead, not much choices are left... I still hope for you guys that things improve, but for me the mobile version of Windows 10 is history. Hopefully Windows 10 on ARM will bring us new mobile devices with the look and feel of W10M, in that case I will happy to switch again, as I still do not like Android...

  • funny talkabout.... I was thinking on doing same honestly, the whole family in on W10M, so we will have to move to the little robot one day....as a phone,and for business use, if you are not crazy about fancy apps, W10M is imn my opinion the best OS.....but unfortunatly small things like this drive you nuts and you have to move to another platform....I will be eager to see how less struggle I will have with garmin

    For the little story, this week end I had to correct my satellite antenna, and my provider offers a great mobile app to correctly set your antenna, off course only on iOS and Android...so I had to borrow my neighbour's phone