Are we getting the new version ?

Hi !

Everything in the title. Seems Garmin have completely forgotten about WP users. Shall we have another update, especially the new one with new GUI or should we p**s off and get an iOS or Android phone........or another watch ?

And that also means a GCM version that is working. I have not been able to upload my activities for 5 months now.........shame

  • Windows 10 Mobile gets updates when new version of Garmin Connect are released. Garmin Connect is currently 3.22.x.x. There have been a couple bug fix releases for the website and for ios as ios 11 has been unstable. We should be getting one anytime now once 4.0.x.x is released
  • Hi

    How come iOS users have access to the new beta version directly from the app parameters and we don't.

    WP users are always served last, I am fed up with this.

  • is now available. Can't see a changelog in the Microsoft Store.

    Things I've noticed:

    Sleep Details has been redesigned
    The sleep bar colour bug is still there for Avg last 7 days (still displayed in black)
  • Disappointing, iOS got 4.0 today (android got it last week) Sleep is very different. Everything is moving to the pay charged to circular chart (stress already used this). 4.0 seems to be a complete redesign based on the pictures for ios and android. I was hoping they would at least ad garmin pay to the updated version but time will tell.
  • Hi !
    Still no activity upload. I tried to uninstall and reinstall to no avail. Worse, I can't pair the watch anymore.
    There must have been something like 10 or 12 different versions since I got my watch and only one or two versions uploaded activities. I've almost always had to upload using a PC and a USB connection. Unbelievable.
    And please don't tell me it is MS's fault.
    My next watch will be a Suunto. At least, they don't claim to offer a WP version of their app and we know what to expect. I've had enough. And we never get any news from Garmin.