GCM and Windows 10 (PC + Mobile)

Hi there,

I'm running a Forerunner 235, my partner a VivoActive HR+. We both have Windows 10 running on our Surfaces and Mobiles.
Both of us are running the latest production Garmin Connect Mobile app ( on mobile and PC, both running the latest production Windows 10 build (15063.608).

Up until the start of the year (roughly) all our devices worked fine. However, now neither device will sync via Bluetooth for more than a day (have to remove, re-add, re-sync, multiple troubleshooting attempts). And when they do sync, the only thing that comes to the app are our steps, we have to manually sync with the cable to get anything else to work.

Can someone from Garmin comment on why this is happening? Clearly it is not a Garmin-Device specific issue, as it occurs to both models?

Both devices are <1 year old, meaning they are still supported via warranty, and we are running a supported OS, yet the devices will not sync?

I've seen a lack of comments here from the company here, yet am hopeful that this can be resolved without having to proceed to a legal claim (EG: Class action lawsuit).


  • You should contact Garmin Support directly and raise this as an issue. I did some months ago, and still have an open Case with them. They were supposed to get back to me when the issue was fixed. We went through all the steps you list over the phone, which fixed it for a short time (one or two syncs) as you say, but not in the long term.

    Anyway, I fixed my problem for good. I've moved to Android, now that Microsoft has officially dropped Windows 10 Mobile.

    Good luck.
  • And on computer you moved to Linux? Because it is not working in same way on computer with Windows 10. So I still think it is Garmin not Microsoft fault.