Finally everything working as it should!

I discovered a way to get everything working with Garmin Connect Mobile. I'm getting notifications, weather updates, syncs as it should, etc.
All it took was to buy an iPhone.

It's clear Microsoft and the mobile community has turned their backs on Windows 10 Mobile and I just couldn't take it anymore.
It's amazing how many Windows 10 Mobile apps have been updated on iOS. Sad in a way as well.

Good luck everyone. Maybe we'll get lucky and Garmin will give GCM for W10M one last update before closing the book.
  • Disappointing as it is, that seems to be the only way to get GCM working. Although in my case I shall be updating to an Android phone, and not an iPhone.

    If there was any real alternative to the VivoactiveHR I have, that didn't have the same issues, I would be returning this thing as "Unfit for purpose" for a full refund. Sadly it appears that there is no real alternative t the moment, with Fitbit getting just as many complaints and Microsoft abandoning the Band range.
  • I am in similar mood, only difference is that I will probably throw away Garmin watch than my phone (because I am more satisfied with my phone than with my Garmin).