Beta, again...

Interesting thing, both Android and iOS GCM beta is available for users:

But still no such thing for Windows Phone users... I really hope Garmin will not let us down and introduce the same thing here...

  • May be are fake news but on other forum I've read about new products that Garmin will not guarantee full compatibility with WM10......... :-(
  • Interesting... At the moment they are talking about features like payment via Garmin device, which I can fully understand to be not supported, as Windows 10 Mobile does not have any interface for that. If this would be the only thing not working it wouldn't be any problem for me.

    About the long term support I am a little bit frightened because, as the article states, the current situation with Windows 10 Mobile is not that promising. But taking into account that GCM seems to be an universal app I would not understand why Garmin should discontinue it when I am pretty sure that Windows 10 (not mobile) is the major operating system and it wouldn't a good idea to let those people down. Also I hope that MIcrosoft will introduce mobile devices with Windows 10 on ARM next year and then the question about supporting/not supporting would answer itself :)

    Thanks for the link!

  • Yeah... but you've gotta consider the source. MSPowerUser isn't the most reliable source on Windows 10.
    GCM is currently a universal app and doesn't take much effort to support both PC and Mobile.

    We may never see push notifications, but I don't see why Garmin would not continue to support mobile.
    In the very least, I see W10M continuing to have a GCM app with little or no new feature support.

    Personally, my days with W10M are numbered. Love the platform and it is easily the best mobile design out there.
    I'm just losing too many apps that it is no longer becoming practical to stick with it.
    Microsoft really screwed up with this one and I'd love to bend someone's ear who is on the team that decided to kill it off.
  • For me personally push notifications are very important. So as long as the current use cases are also covered in the future I do not see any problems. Of course it would be nice to have also new features added, but if the operating system does not support it, it is simply not possible.

    I really hope that Garmin will not make the same mistake and abandon Windows Phone Mobile. This would be the 3rd watch after the Band2 and the Vector Watch I would need to replace...
  • The watch itself looks promising, but cannot compete with my Fenix 5 when it comes to battery lifetime. Charging the watch every 2 weeks is acceptable for me, charging it every few days is not. Also I think a touchscreen on a smartwatch is absolutely not necessary.

    At the moment things seem to improve on Windows 10 Mobile from Garmin side. I think the most critical part (Bluetooth stability) is an issue Microsoft needs to take care of. I already posted in the feedback hub about my findings, let's what happens.