WIN phone Garmin connect issues -> (Garmin 1000 + WIN PHone 10)


does anyone knows what else I can try, as my Garmin 1000 not showing me "missed calls, missed SMS etc."? Also I noticed that "routeCourse" is not working with WIN phone, probably due to not fully working "garmin connect" application as on iOS working without problems with same garmin device !

Garmin is connected to my WIN 10 Phone (Lumia 650) via Bluetooth. I have enabled: Settings -> Smart Notifications -> "incoming calls, missed calls, text messages".

Garmin 1000 -> SW version 14.1
Lumia 830, Mobile Garmin Connect -> SW version

On Garmin it's working:
- weather working
- live track also working (it tuns on with delay but working after that)
- auto upload working

but not working"call and text alert".

On Garmin I have enabled option "Call and Text Alers", even if I go under "Missed Calls and Text" there is nothing ?

Thank you