Failed Activity syncs and strange characters replaced my name in My communities

Hi all.

?500 later and I'm now the proud owner of a Fenix 5. However, the Garmin Connect Mobile app for Windows mobile is dreadful. It does seem that I've got the best experience though currently possible as I'm running Windows 10 fast ring with GCM 3.19.0 and 4.10.
Contrary to others, I've had many failed activity syncs with GCM refusing to upload an activity (either, walk, weight train, or swimming). Plugging via USB will always work successfully. I also see strange characters for my name in the Snapshots -> My community page.

Does anyone have any ideas? I've removed and reinstalled GCM and reset the Fenix 5 but these issues still persist.
  • I've done some further testing with the Activity sync problem.

    It seems that all activities will fail to upload (although GCM will say it has successfully synced with the Fenix 5 for step and HR data) when the GCM app is running and there are activities saved on the Fenix 5. If I close the GCM app down, complete and save any activity on the Fenix 5 and then run GCM, the activity is uploaded, GCM fires a notification that the activity data is available and the activity data is shown in GCM.

    If I complete more than one activity e.g. a treadmill warm up, then a weights session and save both to the Fenix 5, starting GCM uploads the first activity i.e. the treadmill run, but the weight session doesn't upload even though GCM says Fenix 5 has synced successfully. This time, GCM doesn't fire the new activity data available notification for either the treadmill or weights session. The only way to upload the weights session data is to plug in the Fenix via USB to a computer and sync with Garmin Express.

    Does anyone have the same symptoms?