Garmin Connect released

I have not found a change log. I did get notified by email that one of my bugs i reported has been fixed but no detail about what bug other than a case number and a link to update that doesn't work. I have updated and it seems better but still no notifications and not syncing much better.

I am writing, as a courtesy, to inform you that the issue you reported (Case #1307102) in our Garmin Connect Mobile app has been resolved with the recent update to the app.

Please feel free to update the app using the link below:*

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.***
  • erratic

    Same thing doesn't produce the same result.
    Let me explain, some day when I come back from the morning run, the session will upload to the cell phone without any itch. Some other day, no matter how oftern I'd try nor how many reboot I'll give to the phone, it simply wont work. I'll end up connecting the watch to the computer.
    Same thing last sunday : I did two warm-up swim before an open-water swim race.
    The two warm up pieces uploaded all right when I first opened the app. The race would not and I had to wait the evening to plug the watch to the computer.

    I run Lumia 950 and Fenix5, both on the latest regular update.
  • Oh dear. I should have searched this forum more thoroughly before buying a Vivoactive HR yesterday.

    I have this problem. The only way I have been able to connect with Garmin Connect Mobile (latest update from the Windows store, 3.19), is to uninstall the App and then reinstall it, which I have done twice. But soon after I stop using Garmin Connect Mobile and put the phone down, the Vivoactive HR turns off bluetooth, and even when I left Garmin Connect Mobile running, it wouldn't open up again and connect.

    I've also tried in/re-pairing, deleting the pairing and starting again, rebooting both devices after updates (multiple times). Nothing works. The App just seems to crash even when left running, and won't restart.

    Microsoft Lumia 650 (Not on the supported list, but exceeds capabilities of phones on the list. Bluetooth 4.1.)
    Windows 10 Mobile, Version 1703, OS Build 10.0.15063.414

    Vivoactive HR with all the latest updates;
    SW Version 3.90
    GPS Version 3.00
    Display Version 2.30
    TSC Version 2.20
    BLE/ANT 2.40Sensor Version 2.80
    WHR Version 10.02.74
    Connect IQ 2.3.1

    All these problems with syncing and connections sound pretty disappointing. My Lumia connects to a Garmin Zumo 550 and Microsoft Band 2 perfectly, and very reliably, and maintains the connections all the time.

    Yes, I too am an orphan from the Microsoft Band 2 camp, and I'm expecting to receive a refund after the wrist strap split on both sides . . . on the last day of warranty. I don't think they will have a replacement unit for me, since they seem to have dropped the product line altogether.

    Any hints on how to solve this problem would be appreciated.

    Not to be a negative but the Zumo and Band 2 both use regular Bluetooth not Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth LE / Low Energy). It is a balancing act to keep constant communication and long battery life and the standard is newer and seems to still need some refinement. Newer standards are more vague allowing different vendors to still do things their own way which can cause issues for compatibility. It isn't until the standards are refined to ensure compatibility.
  • Update

    Today phone updated to (Windows 10 Update Mobile build 10.0.14393.1358) and then Garmin GCM was available.

    Both completed and VAHR and Phone synced fine, will see how it goes over next few days.

    Been a whole 7 day's without any issue's or re-pairing the device with the phone.
  • Fact check

    I appreciate that you aren't being negative BlackScarab.

    But unfortunately your facts are wrong. The Microsoft Band 2 uses Bluetooth 4.0 LE. Ref:

    Of course both my Lumia 650 and the Band 2 are made by Microsoft, so I would expect them to work well together, and they do. Exceptionally well.

    The Zumo 550 is old technology. I can't find the actual version of Bluetooth it uses now, but from memory it was 2.1 with EDR, so you are correct there.

    Also, Bluetooth 4.0 LE was adopted 30 June 2010, so it isn't new technology. Seven years is a long time in technology. Sure, LE was improved in Bluetooth 4.2 released December 2, 2014, but even that is two and a half years ago. If they were trying to run Bluetooth 5 which was only officially unveiled on 16 June 2016 then I would certainly agree with you. But LE has been around a long time. In my experience it takes three years for a new Bluetooth standard to appear in products and be usable. Garmin have had that.

    I've lived through the pain of difficult or impossible Bluetooth pairing and connection maintenance. I remember optimism with the availability of Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, which promised much better experiences with Bluetooth, and "all problems solved". I haven't had a Bluetooth pairing and connection issue with any of my devices for over a decade, and I've had a lot of devices in that time.

    The Lumia 650 is, in fact, the fastest device I've had in terms of Bluetooth reconnection speed and the best in terms of connection strength, ever. It is also very similar to supported Lumia phones for the Vivoactive HR. It should just connect and work. It appears to be the VAHR that is causing the trouble. The Lumia maintains the connection, and shows that the VAHR is connected, but the VAHR turns off its Bluetooth, and doesn't reliably turn it back on when the Garmin Connect Mobile application is opened. On top of that, Garmin Connect Mobile crashes instead of just failing to connect, so as a user I can't do anything to fix the problem inside the App.

    Frankly, I think it is ridiculous that Bluetooth devices don't just work these days, without any issues the user may notice. But it appears that the VAHR is back in the days where Bluetooth was so unreliable that it simply wasn't practical to use, and devices were put away in drawers to be forgotten until the problems get fixed years later, while users waited for a new generation of devices came out, and the cycle started again. Pretty sad really.
  • Yes and no, technically the band's chip supported Bluetooth LE, but not all functions did. It was one of the biggest complaints and why it only had 2 days of battery life compared to a week or more. Especially with Windows Phone not even starting to embrace Bluetooth LE until late in the game and not having most of the push compatible profiles.

    Being a Microsoft product on a MS phone definitely doesn't hurt compared to Garmin because they made sure their functionality was built into the phone and tested. Though even with that the Band and Band 2 were still known to work better with other devices. MS has always had trouble with Bluetooth. Until a recent insiders build after any type of Cortana command through Bluetooth it would end the "call" then pick up again and end it again, it has been happening for a while now with many builds in-between not fixing it. That same insiders build doesn't stop the issues of issues pairing devices sometimes requiring a reboot or soft reset or fix issues related to deleting older Bluetooth devices.

    That being said I don't think this is MS alone. While I did have issues syncing my Fitbit from time to time it wasn't as constant as with Garmin. Garmin definitely seems less flexible and the client doesn't seem to communicate even to their servers very well as evident by needing to reconnect to myfitnesspal, facebook, etc whenever you logout/login or reinstall the app even though the website still has the connection and it will still work on the backend. I have faith they will get there (or at least close) the question is how long will it take. I spent a couple hours on the phone with support last night because my device was showing grossly inaccurate weather.