Garmin Connect released

I have not found a change log. I did get notified by email that one of my bugs i reported has been fixed but no detail about what bug other than a case number and a link to update that doesn't work. I have updated and it seems better but still no notifications and not syncing much better.

I am writing, as a courtesy, to inform you that the issue you reported (Case #1307102) in our Garmin Connect Mobile app has been resolved with the recent update to the app.

Please feel free to update the app using the link below:*

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.***
  • Updating now and crossing my fingers.

    Does not correct the Bluetooth issues. I still cannot re-establish a connection with my Vivosmart HR+.

  • Updated. I see some improvements, but still got some issues (Lumia 640XL insider fast 15223 + Vivoactive)

    - The Bluetooth settings on the smartwatch finally state "Bluetooth - connected" after the connection
    - While syncing with Garmin Connect, if I have some unread notifications, I receive them on the smartwatch

    - Still disconnecting after closing the app
    - Notifications still not working (except while syncing)

    To me, this is definitely good news, finally some improvements from Garmin (at least they are trying to solve the problem)
  • and other info

    I bought a VAHR after my 2nd Band2 strap cracked and MS Australia had no replacements (Full refund on way).

    My mobile is a MS badged Lumia 532, it was running Denim at the time so no joy downloading GCM.

    Updated it to Windows 10 and installed GCM, it was very buggy at first and kept loosing the device. Reinstalled all for both phone & GCM & VAHR. No better, had to be re-paired on a daily basis.

    Out of the blue was available and that improved the sync issue a little, still re-paired every other day, then a Windows 10 update came through (Windows 10 Update Mobile build 10.0.14393.1198). This time when I re-paired I got a "Permissions" pop up box which I hadn't seen before. Device has been working fine for almost a week.

    Today phone updated to (Windows 10 Update Mobile build 10.0.14393.1358) and then Garmin GCM was available.

    Both completed and VAHR and Phone synced fine, will see how it goes over next few days.

    Had been getting SMS messages through prior to this but phone call's not working.
  • Hi !

    Updated, synched, deinstakked, reinstalled, resynched, unpaired, repaired, did everything.......

    I get notifications (to which I don't give a toss, as I use the watch for sport, not to read my mails) but for activity upload.....bugger all ! I once again have to synch via USB. How am I going to do during the holidays when I won't have a PC available ? Keep the activities in the watch......until it tells me that memory's full ? No way !

    I am starting to wonder if the guies at Garmin program with their feet or what.

    Everything used to work for months. And every bloody time an update comes, it breaks everything, and it's always Microsoft's fault according to Garmin ! It's exactly as if I had my tyres changed on the car and I could not start the engine and that mechanic who changed the tyres told me it's Ford's fault.

    Unbelievable for so pricey products.

  • Inconsistent

    I'm a recent convert to the Vivoactive HR from MS Band 2 - like many - and I've only had to endure GCM for a couple of releases. But what gets me most is the sheer inconsistency of people's experiences. 3.19 has actually improved things for me. I just got my first notification! But none since. I can sync reliably, including activities, even the Real-time, especially if app is closed and restarted, but I never get to manage IQ apps, although settings are now syncing which is new.

    So progress - for some. But lots to do yet.
  • Pretty sure I replied yesterday, but I still can't see my post :eek:

    Anyways, are you guys really getting notifications? Even when the app is closed?

    I just updated, and I only get notifications in the moment when I'm (manually) syncing with GCM. Still no notifications in any other case, and the bluetooth still disconnects when I close the app.

    At least Garmin seems to be interested in us, finally. And these (small) improvements also prove that the problems were not (all) on Microsoft side. Cheers!
  • Will somebody let me in on the secret? How to you open the app?

    I can't get past the "Connect by Garmin" splash screen before the app crashes and closes. Would be nice to experience the problems other people have but I must be able to open the app first!


  • Useless

    Do u even try the software before releasing it to the store? The only improvement is that the app now shows that the device is synced, but isn't true.
  • Syncs fine here

    Do u even try the software before releasing it to the store? The only improvement is that the app now shows that the device is synced, but isn't true.

    Fenix 5x v4.10
    GC v3.19.0.0
    950xl Win10 v10.0.105223

    Have had this combination for 3-days already, logged 2 runs and 3 nights sleep... all auto updated and synced. when making upgrade, i lost heart rate history on the watch but not on GC. After 24-hours everything was operating and displaying normally. Even weather and calendar. Watch auto-connects/disconnects periodically... vibrates and displays status change (this can be turned off).

    FWIW, after updates applied all around, I deleted and recreated bluetooth connection to phone.

  • Can't start Garmin Connect Mobile either

    Oh dear. I should have searched this forum more thoroughly before buying a Vivoactive HR yesterday.

    Will somebody let me in on the secret? How to you open the app?

    I have this problem. The only way I have been able to connect with Garmin Connect Mobile (latest update from the Windows store, 3.19), is to uninstall the App and then reinstall it, which I have done twice. But soon after I stop using Garmin Connect Mobile and put the phone down, the Vivoactive HR turns off bluetooth, and even when I left Garmin Connect Mobile running, it wouldn't open up again and connect.

    I've also tried in/re-pairing, deleting the pairing and starting again, rebooting both devices after updates (multiple times). Nothing works. The App just seems to crash even when left running, and won't restart.

    Microsoft Lumia 650 (Not on the supported list, but exceeds capabilities of phones on the list. Bluetooth 4.1.)
    Windows 10 Mobile, Version 1703, OS Build 10.0.15063.414

    Vivoactive HR with all the latest updates;
    SW Version 3.90
    GPS Version 3.00
    Display Version 2.30
    TSC Version 2.20
    BLE/ANT 2.40Sensor Version 2.80
    WHR Version 10.02.74
    Connect IQ 2.3.1

    All these problems with syncing and connections sound pretty disappointing. My Lumia connects to a Garmin Zumo 550 and Microsoft Band 2 perfectly, and very reliably, and maintains the connections all the time.

    Yes, I too am an orphan from the Microsoft Band 2 camp, and I'm expecting to receive a refund after the wrist strap split on both sides . . . on the last day of warranty. I don't think they will have a replacement unit for me, since they seem to have dropped the product line altogether.

    Any hints on how to solve this problem would be appreciated.