GCM notifications

I have come from the Microsoft band 1 & 2 and have come accustom to and seems dependent on notifications working reliably.
I have been using the vivoactive HR for around 10 month with my 950 XL phone.
At first all was well - unit worked well and I got all sorts of notifications - all the time.
Lately - last couple of months, things have gone from bad to worse.

Is there any hope of these two units talking flawlessly with each other, or should I be looking elsewhere ?
i.e. buy a new phone, new smart fitness tracker, or both (same manufacturer like I had with the band).

Living without notifications is no longer an option for me, I'm hooked.

Anybody with any insight or options to consider would be appreciated.
  • Give Garmin a chance to update GCM to pair up with the Creators Update on Windows 10 Mobile. That should make notifications reliable with the Vivosmart HR+.

    It's my understanding Fitbit devices are already getting notifications. Just a shame they don't make a decent waterproof model.
  • The strange thing here is that there were Insider Previews of the Creators Update rolling out since beginning of this year including the new Bluetooth implementation. Thus Garmin had enough time to finalize their changes for GCM and release them with the final version of the Creators Update. This is what I would expect from a big company like Garmin. I am very disappointed having a device that is useless because the app sucks... I bought my Fenix 5 because Garmin is one of the small number of companies still supporting Windows Phone, but am suffering since almost 2 months now because I cannot use it like it is meant to be used...

    I really hope Garmin will provide us a GCM update in the next few days that solves all problems users had in the past, because now also Windows Phone supports the GATT implementation, like iOS and Android...