Garmin Connect released

I have updated on my Windows Tablet/Laptop and Windows 10 Mobile (Lumia 950). Both running the latest creators production release (Lumia just updated today).

I started receiving notifications as soon as it installed, not confident it will last but time will tell.

I had a sync failure with 3.17 that fixed itself yesterday. Now with the new update sync is failing again. I may try to uninstall and delete the pairing and reconnect everything (on 3.17 that fixed it for about one sync then broke again).

No change log in the Store.
  • Same issues here. Sync with 3.18.x and Creator Edition fails. I unpaired and repaired, restarted everything and the sync still fails with my phone.

    One of the main reasons I bought the vivoactiveHR was because of Windows Phone support. Hopefully Garmin will get a proper fix tested and pushed out soon. For now, I sync via my PC and the USB cable. Not convenient, but it works.