Creators Update

Got the Creator's update and decided to try going back to my Lumia 950 for syncing with the Vivoactive HR. I'm getting reliable syncing now for about 24hrs, which is an improvement to what I was seeing on intermediate insider builds.
The bad news, still no music controls, no push notifications. Occasionally, I'll get weather, calendar events, and a notifications page with historical notifications (or "No Notifications"), but that seems to only show after a recent sync.
  • Dear B....

    No offense taken. You are right, the post I quoted was not about W10 mobile, my bad.

    Anyway, please notice that I wrote:
    there is no (official) way to roll back to a specific update directly: for my Lumia 640XL the only possibility is to roll back to Windows Phone 8.1, and then do 2 years of updates up to Anniversary.
    There is also no official way to stick to Anniversary Update. As soon as you connect to the internet, your phone will automatically upgrade to Creators Update.

    Please also notice that there is no official way to stick to Anniversary Update on a PC, too. In both cases, you will need some "tricks".

    Secondly, I am not complaining about GCM not working on Anniversary Update. In fact, I am saying the exact opposite: GCM is working FINE on Anniversary Update, while it is doing a really bad job on C.U.. My only complaint is that I had to rollback and do all that stuff in order to make my smartwatch work.
    Notifications working "sporadically" are almost useless, for you will still need to look at your phone to be sure you have no notifications. And the big battery drain of the bluetooth (probably Microsoft fault) is quite a problem, and has not been fixed in the last month.

    When you say that rolling back is known to be NOT a walkaround, you are wrong: rolling back is a walkaround, and it is the only possible walkaround, so far.
    And when you say that the things I did are not improving the situation in long term, I will tell you:
    - what is "long term"? It has been more than THREE MONTHS and they fixed nothing
    - In case in the future they will ever actually fix it, it takes 2 minutes to change the device name back and get all the updates. By that time, most of us will likely have changed both the smartphone and the smartwatch.
  • Fell out of my chair this afternoon.
    I actually received an incoming call notification on my HR+.
    Haven't gotten another one since and other push notifications have either stopped working or are sent to the device in batches.

    I've got to say that while it was only one call notification if Garmin ever gets off their butts and fix this issue it is a nice feature to have.
  • Hi dpskrz,

    Yes, I'm experiencing the same problems as you're likely experiencing with CU and GCM. I'm certain that some parts are Garmin's messed up sync but there's definitely some problem with Windows Mobile too.
    All I know is, that Microsoft is apparently working on a solution and I too wish they were faster than they are and while the situation improved since the last month (well it's better than zero notifications) it is way from being acceptable.

    Well, at least the watch functionality convinced me to keep it also without notifications and properly working sync (I sync now with cable and Garmin Express as this works far more reliable). Before buying my Fenix I tried a Forerunner, and some Fitbit devices. Fitbit suffers from the same bluetooth problem also since months with the difference that in their support forum the Windows Product Manager keeps information at a higher level. They are not quicker but share more of the development progress. And while their App is really a nice thing, their devices are not. Maybe the Blaze 2 will be somewhat better but I can tell you that the Surge is an ugly piece of heavy junk (it looks already bulky in the pictures and in reality it is even bulkier like haveing a whole phone attached to your wrist) and the Blaze is a nice looking watch without any use (GPS is used from the phone and guess what's not working using the BT connection... The whole purpos)
  • So any updates to this issue?
    Or are we still waiting for hell to freeze over before Garmin gives a hoot about it?

    If Fitbit's water resistant smart watch hits the market before Garmin offers reliable notifications, I'm history.
    Will drop Garmin in a heartbeat and will not lose a wink of sleep.

    It's a shame that Garmin's customer support isn't worth a toot.
    Great devices, terrible software and even worse customer service.
  • Unfortunately there is no solution as of now and also no feedback from Garmin. At the moment it is completely unclear if the issues are related to GCM itself or to Microsoft.

    I was trying to get some feedback from Garmin since March about the problems we all are facing with Creators Update. Besides a few statements claiming that the issue is on Microsoft side there was never a feedback that clearly defines what are the issues and when we can expect a fix. I also tried to create posts based on GCM/Windows 10 Mobile versions including a list of bugs but obviously Garmin is not interested in something like this. Also trying to get Garmin to create a beta release program, where people can test the application before it gets released, was simply ignored. So I have kind of given up on that and simply am waiting for new versions of Windows 10 Mobile/GCM hoping it will get better.

    Disappointing but I see no other option...

  • The bad thing about all this is that Windows 10 Mobile has one foot in the grave.
    Once my 950XL dies, I'm likely going to move to an iPhone where life is filled with unicorns and rainbows.

    But it sure would be nice while W10M is still viable to have Garmin Connect work as it should.
    I don't think that is too much to ask of Garmin.
  • It would be interesting to know if there is at least 1 person at Garmin that uses Windows 10 Mobile on a daily basis with one of their devices. Because it looks like there is no testing happening at all. Here a beta program would help a lot, I do not understand why Garmin is not taking that chance...

    I was on an iPhone a few years but now moved back to Windows. I hope that until my 950XL dies there are new devices with either Windows 10 Mobile or Windows 10 on ARM. But for that, of course, Garmin has fix the issues...