Garmin Connect Mobile Windows App fails to connect to Garmin connect

I installed the Windows Garmin Connect App because the app on my cel was a battery hog. Anyways it connected to my Garmin Conect a couple of times and stopped. No way can I figure how to re-connect it. Both app & Garmin Connect are showing myself as logged in. The Windows Garmin Connect app is accepting info and activities from my Garmin Vivo Active HR, but not transmitting same to Garmin Connect and from there to MyFinessPal.
  • You have Garmin Connect Mobile on your Windows phone and you're having trouble connecting your Vivoactive HR it? Or are you saying that your data is in Garmin Connect Mobile but not on Garmin Connect web site?

    No I have the Garmin Mobile App on my Laptop with Windows 10 which syncs OK with my Vivo Active HR, but that's as far as it goes. It doesn't pass it on to the Garmin Connect web site. The app does however accept info from MyFitnessPal like calories consumed.