Connect Software crashes frequently

The Garmin Vivosmart HR+ is a great piece of hardware.

... but is anyone else experiencing frequent crashes in the Garmin Connect software?

Often the app freezes - usually when resuming from running in the background.

Sometimes locks up and won't even run until the phone is restarted.

Tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling several times. It usually helps at first, but before long, the crashes return.

Is this normal?

Lumia 950.
Garmin Connect Windows 10
Windows 10 Mobile 10.0.14393.693
Vivosmart HR+ firmware: 3.00
  • Connect Software Crashes Frequently

    I have the same problem. Haven't figured out a solution though. It will lose it's sync suddenly while I'm working out. I have to stop, go to "Add Device" on the APP and repeatedly click on "Pair Smartphone" on the Garmin HR until it finally reconnects to the APP.

    MOTO E2