Weather stopped showing - Vivosmart HR+ - Lumia 950

Hoping someone from the dedicated Windows 10 Mobile world can help with a problem I started having a day or two ago.

Equipment: Lumia 950 running official Windows 10 Mobile (10.0.14393.693). Vivosmart HR+ SW: 2.80. Garmin Connect

Issue: Everything was working fine until a few days ago. The weather tile showed an error - "waiting to get data" or somesuch. Tried restarting the phone, turning off Vivosmart, same error. Called Garmin support. They recommended removing the Vivosmart HR+ from the app and the Bluetooth connection and restarting. I then reestablished the Vivosmart Bluetooth connection (from the app, not the Bluetooth settings which Garmin said was important).

Now, the weather screen is gone completely. Also gone is the music controls. I get time, steps, stairs, intense minutes, calories, miles, and heart rate.

Question: Anyone know how to add back the weather screen?